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Angel Rosa
Angel Rosa is 18 years old and still lives with his parents. He sits in his house and plays a lot of games on a day to day basis with the goal of becoming a professional gamer. He wishes to start a successful YouTube carrier also entertaining millions like other YouTube gamers. Rosa also loves action and adventure movies and sci-fi 's. He practices martial arts when ever he can and loves to go running at night when there are no cars and people and watch the lovely stars in the night sky. He's very out going and likes to go on his own personal adventures when he hangs out with his friends. Rosa is a hand on worker and works at a shop right in Woodbridge, He's very good at talking to people because all of his customers and employees have a good conversation and fun when he is working. Rosa likes to work with his hands for example at his job he has to move stuff around stock and scan and other various activities. He likes to work in wood shop, help his father fix cars when needs be and he works in his yard during the summer to make it look nice. Overall Rosa likes going on out and participate in physical activities and enjoys competitive gaming when at home. A very relaxed individual.

Angel Rosa, spring reporter

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Angel Rosa