Dragon Ball Xenoverse rises to the top

By: Angel Rosa, Spring Reporter

Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse (DBZX) is the latest DBZ game to come out on forth generation consoles. The game focuses more on larger events that  happened in the Dragon Ball Z television series. It skips the filler and throws the player into the grand finally of each saga. It also satisfies the “What if this didn’t happen?” scenario; for example, if the protagonist didn’t win this battle how would he/she loose it?
The storyline of the game is this– you’re a hero that Shenron (a dragon that grants any wish) summoned to fix history. Some form of evil has went back in time changing history for the worse.

DBZX introduced for the first time in its series of games the ability create your own character for the story, which is amazing. The character gets to be involved in historical fights of the franchise and the player has the choice to pick between five different races: Human, Saiyan, Namekian, Arcosian, and Majin. The game will ask you what type of fighter you are, whether you like up close fighting or are you a ranged fighter. Whichever option the player picks, the game would give you the basic default skill setting and abilities for your character. From that point on, the gamer would get the freedom to upgrade the character to his/her liking. They can also train with other characters of the game that help them in quest if they have trouble. It gives the player a real feeling of having a master that would help them if they have trouble. There are 12 different masters but not all are introduce at once; players get them in order, but they can skip some like Krillen, the weakest character.

The actual fighting game play introduces a lot of team work with computers and other human players. If an enemy in a combination of attacks the team members could get ready to prepare for the next ability or combination of attacks. They could also fight others away from you and keep the enemy dispersed. There is a huge range of team fighting styles and plays the gamer could come across in this game. The details on the characters are even better then the television show; however, the environment surrounding them is not spectacular but its enough to know where you’re fighting.

During actual fights most characters talk and interact with each other while fighting. So it gives the fight a little more purpose and meaning. The characters even interact with the player’s character and say different things depending on what the character’s race is. When characters know each other they can have conversations. When Vegeta is fighting Nappa, Vegeta will say to Nappa, “You dare go against me Nappa have you gone mad!” Nappa will respond, “You being the Prince of Saiyans means nothing anymore Vegeta!”

Online invites great humor with poses you can do with friends and talk with others. You can fight tournaments, go on quest with others, and have an overall great experience with this game. The player does not need to buy the previous games to understand Xenoverse and this game is compatible with all third and fourth generation consoles.

This game really goes above and beyond from what the previous DBZ games were. This game provides overall family entertainment. It can be purchased at Game Stop now for $50.