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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The issue with Illegally downloaded music

Photo Credit: photo via wikipedia under creative commons license

A major issue has begun to rise in the younger generations and threatens their ability to retain jobs in the future. Illegally downloaded music.  Although some people would consider this to be a small issue and not worth all the trouble it could cause, it’s still an issue and it still has consequences.

Many jobs now a days want as much information about you as they can get which means they can go through your personal media files. They can go through and social media you use, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or even your Tumblr, they can go through it. But along with going through your social media, they can also check your music files for illegally downloaded music, and if they find any illegally downloaded music, they can refuse to hire for it. As a matter of fact, if you apply to be a police officer and they find you have illegally downloaded music, they won’t hire you.

Now, this is rather controversial because many people believe that illegally downloaded music isn’t a crime and it shouldn’t jeopardize your ability to find or have a job. But other people are on a different view point. Believing it should be a crime and you should be in trouble for it because it’s stealing. Its stealing because, although some artists might not care how you get their music, their record labels do. Downloading the music illegally takes away money from record label that ITunes or Google or other stores where the music is bought would’ve given them, had they bought the music from them. And the money that stores like ITunes, Google, etc. would’ve given them would be used to pay the artists, the producers, and left over money would’ve been used to keep the labels going and would’ve allowed them to buy new things for the label.

Along with it being an issue for the labels, it’s also an issue for the stores/ companies that sell the music. If you download the music illegally, it takes business away from the stores/companies because people will think “why pay money for music I can just get for free?” and they wont go to the store to buy ITunes or Google Play cards. And then the amount for things that the store sells will increase to substitute for loss of money due to the lack of people buying the music they sell.

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Although some people illegally download music because its much quick than running to the local convenient store and picking up an ITunes card or a Google Play card. Plus it avoids the rush of social anxiety some people get from being out in public, so instead of dealing with the anxiety, they just download the songs from home.

Along with reducing anxiety for people, it also saves a bit of money. Now a days money can be a big issue for families so not everyone can pay the 10, 15, or even 20 dollars for an ITunes car or Google Play card. So by downloading the songs off of YouTube or some other website and downloading music for free through it avoids the trouble of spending money that could be used for food and other things.


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The student news site of Colonia High School
The issue with Illegally downloaded music