Eating Colonia Bagels

By: Jason Benitez, Spring Reporter

Colonia Supreme Bagels is a bagel shop in Colonia, NJ. Colonia Bagel is a family ran business that has been open for quite a while now. People in Colonia like the bagel shop and a lot of families and residents here in Colonia love the bagels.

Colonia Bagel is known for the breakfast sandwiches and bagels but there is more. A lot of people in Colonia go here for coffee, donuts, and even subs. Based on the reviews I read on numerous websites people like the store and have been going there for years. I enjoyed the bagel shop. The bagels are always fresh and the breakfast sandwiches are all cooked fresh on the stove. Not like Dunkin, where they just throw it into the microwave.

Reading through reviews it seems Colonia Bagel is most liked for its breakfast sandwiches. There menu has a variety of breakfast sandwiches to choose from. From bacon, egg, and cheeses to Taylor Ham and cheese on any type of bagel or roll. The bagels are fresh and warm and the eggs and meats are all cooked fresh. The menu also includes items for vegetarians, so they try to take care of there customers. The people that work there are all nice, and they all take care of there customers.

If you are around the Colonia area and looking for a good breakfast/lunch spot I do suggest going to Colonia Supreme Bagels.