Juniors preparing for senior year over the summer


Photo Credit: Alyssa Margolin

Preparation for college

By: Alyssa Margolin, Spring Reporter

The school year of 2015-2016 is coming to end at Colonia High School and this is the perfect time to start preparing juniors for their senior years.

Junior and senior years are the most important years of high school, where students start preparing for college and their lives ahead.

During the school year of junior year, most students started taking the SATs, whether it was the old test or the new test. Getting back their test scores told them if they should take it again and start looking at colleges they can get accepted into with their SATs scores.


Throughout summer, students should start looking at colleges they are interested in attending. They should start visiting and touring schools, in and out of the state, if given the chance. Touring the school is extremely important to do before applying to it because hearing about the school and actually seeing the school for yourself are completely different.

There are numerous things that can be done over summer vacation. Juniors should start working on their letters of recommendation, which should be done from two teachers they had during their junior year. Students should also start filling out their activities resume, which includes community service, special skills they might have, any work experience, extracurricular activities, etc.

It is also recommended to get started on Common App, considering it does take about three hours to complete. With this, you can fill out college applications and send schools your college essay, which is written with the specific prompts found on Common App.

A new, easy to use website is being offered called Naviance for the incoming seniors. With this, students can get college applications and send them in from there. They can also fill out questions for their letter of recommendation and email it to their teachers. This website offers scholarships that can fit your criteria, and it can also tell you what your chances are for getting into certain colleges.

Guidance counselor, Mrs. Galvin says “Get as much done as you can in the summer because senior year will be the busiest year.” Mrs. Galvin tries to make the point of going into your last year of high school as stress-free as possible and to be prepared for it.