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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

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Colonia’s spirit filled week

Photo Credit: Michelle Remite
Dressed for for throwback Thursday, Journalism students Sarah Soos, Mia Banks, Christine Silvana and Frankie Brock pose with Journalism teacher Mrs. Allen

Between the week of September 26th to September 30th Colonia High School’s annual “Spirit Week” took place. After a fun week of competition students will be eager to discover the winners.

Spirit week started off strong this year with red, white and blue day. Many students dressed in outfits ranging from casual to outright wacky. Although many students from all four grades participated, the seniors were able to place first. Juniors followed up in second, sophomores in third and the freshmen in last. During dime wars, war raged in the lunches as students sabotaged other grades with $5 bills and anything that wasn’t a dime.

 CHS was shocked when the freshmen took first, sophomores following in second and the upperclassmen brought up the rear. Day one came to a close with a good turnout and students eager for the remaining days to come.

Full of action, day two went as well as day one. Even more students dressed up in pink, once again some casual and dressed up in crazy outfits consisting of tutus and face makeup. However, with many students strong efforts the seniors once again took first juniors came in second, sophomores in third and the freshmen in last place once again.

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Dime wars once again saw the table turn; the sophomores saw victory on day two with the freshmen in second, and the upperclassmen once again in the rear. In addition to day two, students donated a dollar to breast cancer research in their homerooms. After donating, students put their name on ribbons that were placed on the homeroom door.

Day three brought new excitement, many students participated. Sports day was an easy day for almost everyone but it was the seniors once again taking first place. The table didn’t change much with juniors in second, sophomores in third and the freshmen once again in last. Action packed dime wars went on with many big bills placed in all the classes bins. The freshman pulled through with first on Wednesday, collecting over 700 dimes for their class. Sophomores took second, Juniors in third and the Seniors in last. With the large amount of participation on sports day, teachers and students are eager to see if that number will carry over to throwback Thursday.

All the members of CHS enjoyed throwback thursday. Teachers broke out style from their youth and even farther back. Students took a dive of their own into the closets of their parent’s childhood to breakout any style that wasn’t from the 2000s. The seniors came out on top once again, juniors followed in second, sophomores were in third, and the freshmen in last.

Dime wars continued to heat up as the underclassmen fought tooth and nail for the top spot. However, the sophomores took dime wars on Thursday with the freshmen following in second. The juniors took third, and the Seniors followed in last. With one more day left it could still be anyone’s game. The final day of Spirit Week was a mix of excitement and disappointment. Students showed off their  Colonia pride by dressing up in blue and gold from head to toe. A strong effort was not enough as the juniors took first, the sophomores came in second, and seniors in third .

Seniors moved up to first and won dime wars. This resulted in sophomores dropping to second, juniors in third, and finally the freshmen in last. With the cancellation of the much anticipated pep rally students are eager to find out who won Spirit Week 2016.

Mr.Hutchinson, ran spirit week for his first time, said, “It went well beside the sports assembly being canceled, I saw great participation from everyone. Throwback Thursday was new but it went well, I was shocked at the level the kids took it to. Overall, I’m very happy.”

The winner is crowned at tomorrow’s pep rally.

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Zachary Pereira
Zachary Pereira, Spring Editor and Reporter
Zachary Pereira is 17 years old and was born on September 25, 2001. Currently Pereira is a Senior at Colonia and is involved with the school’s football and track teams; he also is involved with the Spring musical. When not in school Pereira enjoys reading and writing as well as playing video games with his friend such as Madden. One thing people don’t know most about Pereira is that he is a volunteer firefighter at the Colonia Fire Department through the use of their explorer program. Pereira’s favorite school subjects are English and History because the interest him the most; his least favorite is math despite his good grades in the subject. After Colonia high Pereira would like to attend any college that will give him the time of day but Notre Dame is his favorite. Pereira wishes to graduate, get a job and venture out into the world while being a volunteer firefighter on the side.

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Colonia’s spirit filled week