The seniors win at the spirit week pep rally

Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff
Down to the wire during musical chairs, Ms. Green and Jewuan Dunning make it into the finals.

On Friday, October 7, 2016, Colonia High School ended its highly anticipated Spirit Week, during the school-wide pep rally. The winners of Spirit Week 2016 was the Senior Class of 2017.

Initially planned for September 30th, the pep rally rescheduled due to weather conditions. On the day of the Pep Rally and “Colonia Day Part Two,” Colonia High’s students and staff showed an enormous amount of school spirit. The class that wore the most blue and gold for the second “Colonia Day” was the Junior Class of 2018. The Senior class won Spirit Week, followed by the Juniors, Sophomores, and then the Freshman.

Teacher and pep rally organizer, Mr. Daniel Hutchinson, prepared a series of events for each class to participate in. The first event was the scavenger hunt, in which the senior class took the lead with a big win. Hutch reads off a list of objects that each class officer should try to find from their class. In this case, seniors were able to pull through and find the most objects asked for. With Angela Barrett, Melanie Albanese, and Jewuan Dunning in the bleachers with the senior class ready to take any of the needed objects from a student, and Erin McGovern on the track ready to run to the class bin, the seniors were bound to win, and they did.

Following the scavenger hunt, the classes battle for the win in the egg on spoon relay race. Each grade picked four people from the class to participate in this event. Students were challenged to carry an egg on a spoon and walk from one chair on the track to the other chair,  and back without dropping the egg, and then passing it to the next student. The four students that were picked to take part in the event had to carry and pass the egg quickly but carefully. Once again, the senior class won this event with the help of Sam Pucci, Jess Malinchok, Tristan Weather, and Jarod Giachetti.

The final and most anticipated event of the pep rally was musical chairs. All class officers along with their class advisers had to participate. Class officers and advisers must walk around a set of chairs, while music played in the background, and find a chair as soon as the music stops. An officer or adviser is out if they cannot find a seat. The class officer or adviser that remains wins for the class. In the last moments of this event, senior class officer Jewuan Dunning, senior class adviser Mrs. Greene, and junior class officer Ally Poulakowski fought for a seat. Poulakowski lost her seat to Dunning, leaving the senior class with a win. Although the senior class won, both senior class representatives, Dunning and Greene, fought to see who the ultimate winner would be. Senior class adviser, Greene, lost to student officer, Dunning.

The freshman class got an idea of how CHS takes on pep rallies. Freshman, Chris Toreh, shared his first pep rally experience. Toreh explained, “I didn’t know how competitive people get during the games, especially the underclassmen and the seniors. It got crazy when the seniors and juniors started ‘booing’ each other, but it made the pep rally more fun and interesting. Next year, I’m going ham during spirit week and the pep rally.”

The pep rally was successful. Students and teachers were able to enjoy some time out of the classroom to cheer on fellow classmates and coworkers.