Amorin’s Cultural Fiesta

Photo Credit: Miss Amorin
Amorin’s Cultural Fiesta was a great hit.

For the past three weeks, Miss Amorin’s English 4R, block 1- grade 12 class has been reading different stories and poems about diverse cultural traditions throughout the world. The class also watched several video documentaries. The students reflected on their own culture and wrote a “Where I Am From” poem following a specific template. The other day, the students presented a taboo project of cultural beliefs that are common practices in ceratin areas yet are taboo in other regions– (ex. Bullet ant ritual in Brasil for boys to become men.) They presented their project in pairs using prezi or moviemaker.

On Wednesday, February our class had a CULTURE FIESTA to conclude the culture unit. The students brought in foods or cultural objects from their heritage and presented them to the class. Amorin’s English class had music, images, folkloric attire, etc.. It was a fun time!