Amorin’s Shakespeare Party Project

Photo Credit: Miss Amorin
Miss Amorin’s Class held a Shakespeare Party.

Thou art Invited to attend Miss Amorin’s Shakespearean style party!
Miss Amorin’s Grade 12, English 4 class is reading William Shakespeare’s play, Othello. It is an intense tragedy filled with love, jealousy, revenge, and plenty of drama. The class got a taste of the Elizabethan lifestyle during early 16oos by planning a celebration for Othello and Desdemona’s marriage (Act II of the play). In groups, students provided invitations, music, food, decorations, favors, and even entertainment that reflected the time period that Shakespeare wrote Othello. Students had a wonderful time learning about the play while jousting and doing some archery. 🙂

Christine Amorin
English Teacher
Colonia High School