Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Baking Brownies make for a great treat

Betty Crocker products are universally recognizable and found everywhere baking products are sold.

Betty Crocker products are universally recognizable and found everywhere baking products are sold.

By: Patrick Coveny, Spring Reporter

Are you craving something sweet while on a budget? Are you out of ingredients but need to whip up something speedy to satisfy your taste buds? Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix is designed for those of us lacking baking talents, and also, those of us in a time crunch. They’re simple to make, and the results- while they might not be as great as your mother’s homemade brownies- sure do suffice when you need that quick fix.

Betty Crocker has been in the dessert business since 1921. The company is famous for making lives simpler. Their Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix can be found in all major grocery stores. Inside Crocker’s boxed brownie mix comes a pre-packaged compound of dry ingredients:  sugar, flour, cornstarch, and cocoa powder. All that is left to add is a tablespoon of water, two eggs, and ½ cup of vegetable oil.

Once the ingredients are thoroughly mixed together by spoon or mixer, they can be baked at 350°. In twenty-five minutes, after efficiently testing by toothpick to make sure they aren’t gooey, your sweet treat is done! It’s as simple as that…

Although results may vary, my experiences with Betty Crocker products have always been positive. This particular brand of brownies has an amazing taste. The rich chocolate melts into your mouth with every bite. The flavor is contagiously delicious, and perfect for sharing with friends. In addition, each cut brownie’s consistency is thick, moist, and chocolatey, and can  camouflage as homemade at any get together.

While some packaged brownie mixes make flavorless, inedible chocolate squares, Betty Crocker does not. Its chocolate tang is an excellent mix between sweet and savory, while the price is right at $2.39. Its sweetness doesn’t overpower, but instead, immediately brings us back to the days of our youth. Betty Crocker is perfect for children, just as it was perfect for us in our childhoods.

However, one negative complaint to be had is that the directions on the back of the box are misleading. It is not stressed enough that the brownies must sit for several minutes before being served. Although brownies are one of the more simpler desserts to make, this information may be unbeknownst to newcomers Also, the edges of the individual brownies come out too dry and rigid, affecting the overall taste. I found myself choosing middle pieces over end pieces every time I grabbed one of the plate.

Betty Crocker, if wishing to improve this product, should advise customers to bake the batter for a less amount of time. That way, the end product will not have those annoying, tasteless hard edges surrounding it. Although these did not substantially affect the product’s palatableness, they should have be done without.

That being said, despite its few shortcomings, preconceived ideas about packaged baking mixes should be discarded when buying Betty Crocker Milk Chocolate Brownie Mix. Unlike its competitors, the professionals at Betty Crocker have crafted a decadently refreshing product that tastes homemade. I would highly recommend this frugal and easy-to-prepare dessert to anyone with a sweet tooth.