Hard to get a job or no?

Apply online or in stores today!

Photo Credit: Stephanie Polonis

Apply online or in stores today!

Teenagers all around the nation are looking for a job, but it’s hard for teens to get a job in New Jersey. That is due mainly to their youth. When trying to get a job if you do not have a consistent ride to and from work, you will mostly likely not be hired.


  • Have to be at least 15 years old, but in all honesty it’s really 17 or 18.
  • Can only work 12 hours a week.
  • 38 hours during a non-school week.
  • Can’t work more than one shift a day
  • Must have an hour break after the fourth hour
  • Can’t work between the hours of 10pm- 6am.
  • Not enough experience
  • Working Papers

If you meet the above requirements, there are some places hiring in Woodbridge Township.  Job Opportunities can be found at Boston Market, Family Dollar, Dunkin Donuts, Home Depot, ShopRite, Pet Smart, and Pathmark. Students looking for a job may want to consider using http://www.snagajob.com/job-search/w-nj/q-teen?ref=goo_dynamicsearch_locations to search for available jobs in New Jersey.  Another beneficial website that can help with the job search is http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=Teen&l=New+Jersey&matchtype=b&network=g&device=c&devicemodel=&creative=41544712409&keyword=_inurl:indeed.com/q-%23inurl:-l-&placement=&param1=&param2=&random=2921270708867884599&aceid=&adposition=1t2&gclid=CM273pXap70CFSwdOgodHQsAmw

How to apply to places hiring is different these days, but mostly the one important way to apply to places is to go into the store and ask them for an application. There is an online application, paper applications that someone fills out and gives back to the store, and also there is a computer in some stores where you go to the store and go online there to fill it out. Be prepared; sometimes employers will make you fill out applications in the store in front of someone. Therefore, it is important to know your social security number, all contact information, and educational information.

The best way for the store to get your application is online because when giving a store a paper application they will probably just put in a pile with all the other applications and never see it because they’ll forget about it. Online is simply and easy. For example when applying go to the store’s website, go all the way to the bottom then click careers, and then it will say apply online and click that, then start filling the application out.

Jobs for teens can help pay for many of different things, like car insurance, phone bilsl, car payments, and food. A teenager, Melanee August, a senior, explained “having a job is a good thing, because I help my mom pay for at least half of my car insurance.”

Making teens have a job, can give them responsibilities. Having a job in high school can help students lead up into a field they would like to be in, added new guidance counselor, Mrs. Shelley Wasilweski.

Teens in high school have to go through a process of getting working papers through their school. The process of getting working papers is first you secure a job– get hired! Then during lunch, go into the main office of your school ask one of the secretaries and they will hand you the working papers, you fill them out and then hand them to your guidance counselor to fill out and lastly hand them into your job.

“In my opinion students should be working, as long as they can keep up with their grades and test scores up,” stated Wasilweski. “Having a job is good experience for college because they get to learn how to speak out and learn about the real world,” Wasilweski explained.

Keep in mind that being in school and working can be difficult to balance. School is essentially a student’s first job even though there is no paycheck.