Spring sports spring into action this week

Photo Credit: Miss Simkovich
Spring Sports schedule 2014

Baseball, softball, track, golf, boys’ volleyball, and boys’ tennis will all be starting up over the next few weeks at Colonia High School, with each of the sports surrounded by its own dramatic storyline.

The heavy snowfall has impacted all of the sports in its own way. Baseball, softball, golf, and track have all been left with snow covered fields that make it impossible to practice on. As a result, the teams will have to move indoors, which will force the boys’ volleyball team to find a new gym to practice in.

But on a positive note, boys’ volleyball and baseball welcome new coaches, history teacher, Mr. Biri, and history teacher,  Mr. Esposito.

Junior and last year’s captain, Thomas Ciulla looks forward to the new coach saying, “It’s going to be different without Monti (Coach Monticollo), and this year Coach Biri says he’s going to improve the program so I’m looking forward to this season.”

Baseball also looks forward to their new coach and hopes for a better season than last year. Junior baseball player Christopher Nocciolo says, “The new coach seems like a nice guy, like he has the right idea about how to get us wins.”

Unlike baseball and softball, track and golf will be unable to move their practices indoors. Junior distance runner, Joshua Donnelly said, “The snow has pushed back our conditioning by a month and made it impossible to run on the track.” The runners will resort to running in the hallways, and throwers and jumpers will just need to endure the harsh winter. Last year, track did not have a good season, finishing without winning a single meet. But this year, the team looks to improve behind its young new athletes. Donnelly explained, “Hopefully this year will be better than last year, but I know distance running will do its part to get wins.”

Golf, however, has no alternative to practicing outside and will be forced to just work on technique and wait out the snow. The team still hopes to improve despite having one of its best seasons last year.

The softball team, coached by Ms. Cyrana, will have a problem this year finding time and a place to practice with the high school gym being the only place to practice.

Most of the teams begin their tryouts on Friday, March 7th after school. The snow has forced boys volleyball to go to Colonia Middle School for the tryouts so that baseball and softball can use the gym. Spring track begins after school Friday and encourages new people to come tryout.