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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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Ally week spreads compassion and support through Colonia High school

Photo Credit: Angelique Richardson
Lgbt pride flag is spread across a table in honor of Ally week.

Ally Week, is a week recognized by the LGBT community, during October, in efforts to emphasize pride and support, at Colonia High School students, can be an ally for those in need of support.

The best part about Ally Week is that anyone can be an ally. An ally is someone who is supportive, accepting, and involved in the community. As well as involving oneself in the community, an ally also stands up against bullying. A person does not have to identify as LGBT to be an ally. An ally can be family, friends, and even administrators. The importance of being an ally is creating a sense of support. Allies are people that provide moral support in rough patches. For the LGBT youth that does not have it easy at home, allies are vital.  It is important to be an ally because our voices matter. As the number of LGBT youth is always growing, so are the number of allies.

“It is important to be an Ally because of support, it’s being a good person,” says guidance counselor, Cheryl Galvin.

During the week of October 16 to the 20, Colonia High school participated in ally week. The school set up a table during each lunch period. A pride flag decorated the table with a rainbow of colors. In addition to the flag, were rainbow items like paperweights and lays. At the table was also a sign-up sheet. When students approach the table, students ask others if they would like to become an ally. Students learned what it meant to be an ally and why it is important.

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The table provides fliers with information on them. The papers included information about transgender pronouns and sexuality. Students present others that approach the table with details that help them understand the LGBT, then they are given the opportunity to sign their name and become one. Students are compassionate and usually very open to listening. As people passed the table, students working the table received smiles and even encouragement. In contrast, there were also times that the ally table hears laughs and unwelcoming comments. In five days, students collected over 300 signatures. This number does not include the total of the other lunch periods. Meaning, over 300 students signed up to be an ally.

Although our school openly acknowledges the LGBT community, some do not.  For example, Jefferson Township High School does not acknowledge Ally week. They do however support the community, but they do not participate in LGBT events.

 Photo credit via Emily Bradford
A wall at Jefferson High School full of pride colors.”I think if our school was to participate in these events, it would give our LGBT students more of a voice and make a positive impact on our community. It would show that they are strong and powerful individuals and they deserve all the recognition in the world. A change I would like to see is more people coming together, being more open-minded and becoming more supportive of each other and all of our differences,” says Emily Bradford, a student at Jefferson High.

Students in schools that do not participate in Ally week, wish that their school would. At Colonia High School, everyone should feel welcome, no matter who they are.


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Angelique Richardson
Angelique Richardson, Senior News Editor
Angelique Richardson is a 17 year old Senior at Colonia High School. She enjoys spending free time reading, writing poetry, practicing music, and taking yoga classes. Richardson is a hard-working, dedicated student - her favorite subject being English as it has nothing to do with numbers. Richardson's favorite season is fall because of  the festivities such as pumpkin picking, hay rides and drinking apple cider. She enjoys working with children and therefore spends summer doing volunteer work at Matthew Jago School. Richardson is currently a employee at Colonia Dairy Maid. Although She does not play sports, she does have an interest in watching sports. Richardson aspires to major in medicine and become a pediatrician.

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The student news site of Colonia High School
Ally week spreads compassion and support through Colonia High school