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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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Pump It Up: one of the best part-time jobs for busy students

New Jersey’s exciting part-time jobs for busy students are hard to find. Here’s where to start.
Children play on Pump It Ups famous single lane slide as they enjoy a fun birthday party.
Photo Credit: Photo via Flickr under Creative Commons License
Children play on “Pump It Up’s” famous single lane slide as they enjoy a fun birthday party.

From honor societies to sports, it can get pretty difficult to find the right job. With an exciting environment and flexible hours built for high school students, Pump It Up is the perfect choice.

What is Pump It Up?

Is working with children something you enjoy? Are you always the life of the party? Do you prefer working with teens your age?

If any of your answers were “yes”, you may want to consider applying to Pump It Up: the inflatable party zone of every child’s dreams. Complete with two arenas filled with inflatable fun and, now available only at the Roselle Park building, an obstacle course inspired by the American Ninja Warrior television show, Pump It Up is incomparably exciting.

The party venue hosts anything from birthday parties to class field trips. In other words, there is always a herd of kids coming in and out of Pump It Up’s doors. With that said, employees look to give every child the best experience at Pump It Up.

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What Goes On

Depending on the schedule, employees are usually always in between parties. Their recurring agenda goes as follows:

First, a party (usually 15-20 kids) waits at Pump It Up’s lobby while an employee introduces a quick safety video to the guests. When every child has a colored wristband, the party is guided to Arena “A”.

Before entering the room, employees review the rules with the kids and, on occasion, sing the Pump It Up birthday song to the guest of honor. Then, the group is allowed 35 minutes in the first room as directed by the party “Attendants” (employees manning rides in the arenas). After a few games, the party is moved to Arena “B” where they wait for 30 minutes before coming into one of the 3 “Party Rooms”, where “Coordinators” serve pizza and cake.

In any “Party Room”, employees sing a traditional birthday song as the guest of honor sits in an inflatable throne. After that, pizza and juice is served, and fun games are played.

What Employees Do

Employees at Pump It Up do tons of things; between playing games and wearing character costumes, working at Pump It Up is sure to be a blast.

As described, all parties start with a quick safety video and a wristband check to make sure all kids are signed in and ready to jump. Attendants are expected to make sure every child knows the rules. One by one, the rules are rehearsed before entering Arena “A” by one employee. At the same time, pictures are taken by the other Attendant assigned to the party (up to 3 trained employees attend each party).

After guests come into the first room, they are directed to put their shoes in the “shoe cubby” and presents in the “present bin”. Besides controlling rides, Attendants must remember to move shoes and present bins between rooms.

In each room, employees play games such as relay races and tug-of-war. Depending on what each party includes, kids enjoy balloon drops and glow in the dark fun. All the while, dozens of pictures are taken by Attendants.

After more than an hour of fun, employees instruct all guests to put back on their shoes. Parties are then guided to Party Rooms. Beforehand, Coordinators are expected to talk to party hosts, usually the parents of the guest of honor, to explain what happens in Party Rooms.

For about 50 minutes, parties indulge in pizza and cake after tiring fun in the Arenas. Coordinators are expected to serve pizza and juice, as well as cake and anything else parents might add. With that, Coordinators are responsible for any additional games, foods or decorations, as well as treat bags and presents. After the party checks out of the building, Coordinators and Attendants begin the cleaning process for upcoming parties.

Why Pump It Up is right for you

To work here, you must be a lot of fun. For most teens, that should not be a problem.

Pump It Up is a perfect first job for young adults, especially for students with busy agendas; managers are always willing to accommodate tight schedules. In all, Pump It Up is a well-thought out business built for teenage employees so they work hard but have fun.

To apply, visit any of the 9 locations in New Jersey, including Roselle Park, Secaucus and Marlton.

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The student news site of Colonia High School
Pump It Up: one of the best part-time jobs for busy students