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What secrets do you have in “The Cellar”

By: Aimee Seppelt, Spring reporter

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Long Thorpe is a very quiet town until a teenage girl goes missing and the police can’t track her or her kidnapper down. There’s not much time left, so they have to act quick.

The book is told from the perspective of the missing girl. Meeting more girls her kidnapper had kidnapped, she knows this isn’t going to end well.

Natasha Preston is the writer on The Cellar. Preston has written many other books like The Cellar, Silent Night, You Will Be Mine, and many more.  Preston is the number one New York times bestselling author, and her books are very popular among teenagers.

Preston’s book The Cellar is number one on New York times young adult E book list , and was also on New York Times young adult paper back list for 18 weeks.

The Cellar was published in 2014, and is recommended for young adults 14 and older. The book involves much suspense, thrill, and parts when sexual events happen. – This belongs further up.


The Cellar, in my opinion, is a very good book, but you have to like thriller style books.  There are times where it can be a hard read, because of the macabre events happening in the book.  Preston is definitely one of my favorite authors because of this book.

There was never a dull moment in the book, Preston kept the readers on their feet.

When I was reading this book I couldn’t put it down because it was so good. Preston writes books that are thriller and suspenseful, not romantic books. During the read you always wants to know what happens- you always want to know what’ll happen to the main character. Her kidnapper did horrible things to this girl, but she wasn’t the only one there.

Her kidnapper loved flowers, so he brainwashed her to believe her name was Lily. By the end of the book she was so brainwashed that she didn’t believe her real name was Summer.  They were locked in this basement for over six months, basically getting tortured.

The way Preston had detailed every little thing, you were able to picture what they looked like, where they were, and what happened to them.  I like being able to picture what I am reading, and she was able to do it.

This book has themes that are not appropriate for some readers, specifically younger readers and those faint of heart. It does have some parts where there are sexual things going on. Many people may not be able to read things like that or may like other books that have love in it. Many reviews said they didn’t like the writing style ,or they found the ending very boring.

In this book there is also love in it because, summers boyfriend did not stop looking for her while she was missing. Wouldn’t you call that love?

I do recommend reading this book if your age is 14 or older. I love this book and I would read this book over and over again.

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What secrets do you have in “The Cellar”