School supplies you need to succeed


This article will show you the school supplies you need in order to succeed.

By: DeAndre Oglesby, Club Editor & Reporter

With school starting up again, students are going to be shopping for school supplies. So here is a list of five items that you need to buy this back to school season.

A Water Bottle

As students, we all know how long and tiring the school day can be. And especially during the spring and summer months, you can definitely need a drink. However, some teachers can be sticklers when it comes to going to the water fountain. Moreover, a Poland Spring isn’t going to last you the entire day. So you should definitely invest in a refillable water bottle. Specifically a 2 liter Nalgene. They’re big, and they can carry a lot of water. On Amazon you can get one for about $12.00. So drink up, and stay hydrated.

A Mini-Backpack

Most students carry around either a big bulky backpack or a flimsy drawstring gym bag for their belongings. And don’t even get me started on girls who try to stuff their purses with everything. However, there is a better alternative. You can carry around a mini-backpack. They aren’t too big and they aren’t too small. Additionally, they’re more durable and can carry more than a gym bag or a purse. Furthermore, you can get away with carrying it around school all day since it’s technically not a full-size backpack. Kanken mini bags go for around $70 to $100. However, there are cheaper mini-backpacks that you can find on Amazon that look just as good.

An Expanding File Folder

During the school year (depending on what classes you take), you’re going to receive mountains and mountains worths of paper. And being organized isn’t the easiest thing in the world. However, buying an expanding file folder will make organizing your papers a lot less worrisome. With an expanding file folder, you can label each section and organize your papers accordingly. But here’s a tip; don’t put too many papers in the folder. Only carry what you’re going to need for the day. Most stores will have these folders but they’re not the greatest quality. Luckily, Amazon has your back again! You can get a really good filing folder for under $7.00. Trust me, if you don’t get anything else on this list, at least get this.

A Planner

Just like the expanding file folder, a planner is another useful tool that you can use to stay organized. Specifically, those student planners that correspond with the school year. So the planner would start with August 2018 and end in June 2019. And I know that some schools will give out student planners, but those are typically smaller so that the school can save money. So go out and get yourself a bigger one so that you can more effectively plan out your day. But probably the most important thing about a planner is using it! Most people will buy a planner and neglect to write in it every day. So make sure you write in it in order to get the most out of it. For as the saying goes, you reap what you sow.

Mechanical Pencils

This will probably be the most important thing on this list. Every student across the globe can relate to this problem. Don’t you ever get tired of not having a pencil or people always asking you for one (even though pencils are like the cheapest things at the convenience store)? Well, this back to school season you’re gonna want to stock up on pencils. But not just any pencils; mechanical pencils. Mechanical pencils last way longer. Additionally, buying extra lead isn’t much of a hassle. I suggest you buy BIC’s mechanical pencils; they always last me the entire year! In fact, here’s a challenge: try to keep the same pencil for the entire school year. Put a piece of tape on the pencil and write #CHSPencilChallenge on it. And every day, take a picture of the pencil to certify that it’s the same pencil.

Bonus Item

For reading the entire article, here’s a bonus item. Most students would agree that school can be incredibly stressful. And nothing’s worse than getting a headache in the middle of class. So one good thing to do is give painkillers such as Tylenol or Advil to your school nurse so that you can go and use them whenever you need. Furthermore, I also recommend you buy Natrol Daily Stress Relief pills. Not just for school, but for everyday stress. But of course, you’re going to want to consult a doctor before taking any medication. I’m no doctor, I’m just a high school journalist.