Colonia’s basketball team defies odds to beat Snyder


Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff

By: Kerri Lishak, Reporter

The Colonia Boys’ Basketball team has been dominating over teams throughout their 2018-19 winter season. Leading up to GMC’s, they ended their regular season victoriously as they went 18-3.

On Thursday, February 28th, the Colonia boys’ basketball team went against Snyder High School in their second state game of the season. As the Patriots had a tough loss against the St. Joe’s Falcons, which ended ended their GMC season, they were more determined than ever to face Cranford in States. On Tuesday night, Colonia dominated over Cranford 56-36. However, now the Patriots had to focus their energy on Snyder High School.

First Quarter

Senior, Chad Baker, got the first rebound of the quarter, scoring the first two points for Colonia. Throughout the entire season, seniors Baker and Luke Valeriano have made a huge impact on the team as they only continue to improve every game. Baker states, “Regular season couldn’t have went any better. Going undefeated for eleven games just made the team more motivated to win. The entire team goes into every game having the mindset to win and making it to the Championship.” Baker and Valeriano were off to a hot start as they scored 14 points for Colonia. Snyder fell behind as they only scored 7 points, giving Colonia a short lead.

Second Quarter

Colonia starting the second quarter with only a short lead over Snyder, but just growing more determined for the rest of the game. Early in the quarter, Baker scores a three pointer for the Patriots, giving Colonia an even further lead. However, Snyder did not give up, scoring a three pointer and making their way back. With 3:50 left in the second quarter, Tommy Mitch of Colonia goes for a three-pointer, but misses. As Valeriano tries to get the rebound, he takes a huge fall on his ankle. With more than half a game left for the Colonia, Valeriano is taken out of the game, leaving the crowd and team anxious. Fortunately, Valeriano just scored his 1,000 point just the game prior to his injury, ending his basketball career making history.

Third Quarter

Early into the third quarter, junior Corey Manning-Floyd scored a three pointer for Synder attempting to make a comeback in the second half. Without Valeriano it was noticeable that the Patriots were missing something, especially the energy him and Baker filled the gym with. Colonia was leading with a score of 28-19 with 6:20 left in the quarter. Junior, Jimmy Frage scoring five points for Colonia in the third quarter alone. With one of Colonia’s essential players no longer in the game, Snyder took advantage of it, giving them the perfect opportunity to catch up. Manning-Floyd and senior, DaeShawn Emanuel were slowly making their way back. However, the Patriots were still in the lead with a score of 39-33 at the end of the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Chad Baker had 27 points and 18 rebounds for Colonia. Before Valeriano’s injury, he finished the game with 12 points, leading Colonia to victory. Frage helped out, adding another nine points. Defense was just as impressive as Tim Rodriguez and Chris Sica made it difficult for Snyder to score continuously. Snyder’s  Manning-Floyd had 16 points, while Emmanual added 13. Snyder was making quite a comeback in the fourth quarter, but it wasn’t enough to stop Colonia. Ending the game with a final score of 54-44, Colonia took the win against Snyder. Colonia continues as they go against Rahway in the semifinals on March 2.