This popular movie box office worldwide is 469,315,010.
This popular movie box office worldwide is 469,315,010.
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How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World concludes the great Dragon Series

The newest How to Train Your Dragon sequel warms hearts and entertains the whole family.  How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was released February 22, 2019.

This film was directed by Dean DeBlois and was released by Dreamworks Animation and Universal Pictures. The story is brought to life by talented voices of Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blachette, TJ Miller and even Kit Harington (Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones). While the movie was claimed to be another great s conclusion of the series, it received mixed reviews among critics and audiences.


This movie brings us to the continuation of the story of Hiccup and his Night Fury, Toothless.  After a year since Drago’s attack, Hiccup has successfully transformed Berk into a Dragon utopia.  The young chief frees captured dragons from dragon hunters and lets them live in his village. This leads to the overcrowding of Berk, with all sorts of dragons.  The film takes a different turn, as the audience is introduced to the “Light fury”- Toothless’s love interest.  The happiness is halted when Hiccup meets Grimmel the grizzly.  The cruel dragon hunter desires to kill every night fury he sees.

With little time and much to lose, Hiccup scrambles to find the Hidden World to save his best friend along with his village.  The film has its intense moments, bringing you to fear, laughter and even tears.  The ending leaves the audience moved and very well satisfied, tying all the three films together into a great conclusion.

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Just like in the all the other films of the trilogy, The Hidden World has a pretty nice soundtrack, featuring artists like Jonsi and Hills x Hills as well as the composer John Powell.  The special effects were pretty impressive also.  One can say that the hidden world of the dragons does remind you of James Cameron’s Avatar.

The film does a great job entertaining the whole family, especially young children.  Being a fantasy film, it still gives a kick of action and darkness without being too scary for the younger crowd.  The film does get a bit slow around some scenes, yet there are a few jokes and side-stories that attempt to keep up the upbeat pace of the story.  Some of the side-stories were a bit awkward and useless. In my opinion, they didn’t really develop the characters or the plot, but instead tried to appeal to the older audiences.  This did dim the grace of The Hidden World when compared to the other sequels.

Memorable moments of the film definitely include the love story between the two night furies, as well as the touching conclusion (which is really satisfying after the intense scenes of the film).  The movie was at least a good conclusion to the series, leaving me with a contented smile.

Audience Opinions

The animated adventure is 1 hour 44 minutes long- long enough to tell an entertaining and fantastical story. With 92% in Rotten Tomatoes and an 87% in Audience Reviews, the film received mixed reviews staying mostly towards the positive side.

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