Fun Things you should consider Doing at home this Spring Break


Photo Credit: Photo Via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons License

Spring Break is a week off of school for many students, in the spring.

By: Isabella Wnek, Reporter

After a cold February and a long work-filled March, everyone is anxiously awaiting the Spring Break at the end of April. Yes, we have counted our days. We have been counting hours. And we are all ready to kick off this wonderful period of rest and recharge. We make it a mission to enjoy every second of our break. But sometimes it is hard to get ideas with what to do or where to go if we are staying at home. But no need to fear rising boredom! Here are top five things to do this spring break.

Take a walk in around your neighborhood

During this wonderful week off at the end of April the weather will be warmer and more pleasant.  After our long cold and colorless winter our brains crave new stimulus and fresh air. So if you ever feel bored out of your mind, stressed with studying or just have nothing to do, the great outdoor would definitely help. It is also a great opportunity to explore your town and maybe find something new!

Go Spring Shopping in the Mall

Even though spring bring its warm, lovely weather it also brings much rain. But this doesn’t mean your day is ruined! Go to your local mall with some friends and scavenge for new trends and cool styles. After a winter of warm sweaters, darker colors and big coats, inspire yourself with some new clothes. You might find some nice new deals and possibly find your new favorite pair of jeans!

Do some Spring Cleaning  Related image

It is actually more fun than you think! It is scientifically proven that the environment plays a big role on our daily mood and mental state. And with the winter trapping us inside all day, it is finally time to let some fresh air in. Start one step at a time. Clear all that clutter in your room first. Wash all your surfaces, throw out any garbage and take out the trash. Then try to do the same with another room. But you don’t have to clear clutter through just doing chores. Look through your closet and take out anything you don’t wear anymore. Find any items you don’t really use anymore and place everything in a cardboard box and put it out for a garage sale! It would be a better way of getting rid of what you don’t need and make some good money.  So put on some good music, open your windows and have fun!

Read a new book in one of your local libraries  Image result for books

With a new environment around you its also a good idea to inspire yourself with new ideas. A great way to do this to is to pick up a new book or listen to a trending audio book. With everyone having access to the internet many people forget that the library is a nice, quiet and relaxing place to truly explore. You can find a new book series you will adore, an interesting cookbook with your new favorite recipes or a thoughtful self-help book that will change your perspective on everyday life.

Try Gardening

There are so many amazing benefits to this often overlooked hobby. Gardening is a fun and very self-fulfilling way to spend your free time. Not only does it allow you to be in nature and breathe fresh air but it also counts as a workout! You literally reap what you sow. But what better time to do it than during our wonderful spring break where you don’t have much obligations. So make some research on what would you like to grow and have fun!