The Fault in our Stars is a tear-jerking romance

The front cover of

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The front cover of "The Fault in our Stars.

By: Kerri Lishak, Reporter

The Fault in our Stars is an emotional, yet extremely touching teenage novel written by John Green. After being published on January 10th, 2012, nearly 10.7 copies have been sold worldwide and the numbers only continue.

After spending many hours in a children’s hospital, John Green saw countless numbers of sick patients being rushed in and end up staying months to receive treatments. It was hard for Green to witness what the patients went through, but it only became harder as the friendships between him and the patients grew stronger. The Fault in our Stars was inspired when one of Green’s closest friends died from thyroid cancer when he was only 16. Green wrote this powerful novel to help those teenagers who go through the same thing everyday. Whether it be themselves, a friend, or someone in their family, he wanted to send a message that you can always get through it.


Hazel Grace Lancaster is an outgoing, compassionate 17 year old girl that was diagnosed with cancer for three long years. Her cancer was extreme. When she was first diagnosed, it was only thyroid cancer, but it began to progress throughout other parts of her body and right to her lungs. She visited doctors often, received treatments weekly, and had to carry an oxygen tank around with her daily. Her inability to take deep breaths caused her to need an oxygen tank. As her cancer became worse, it caused her to suffer mentally as well. She joined a support group at her church, where she met someone who she never thought would make such an impact on her life.

Augustus joined the support group when he lost his leg, due to how extreme his cancer was. It didn’t take long before Hazel and Gus started hanging out. However; it wasn’t long before their hangouts turned into dates. Hazel and Augustus took a trip to Amsterdam to meet the author of An Imperial Affliction, Peter Van Houten. Although the trip wasn’t what either of them expected, each other’s company is all they really needed. As they returned home, Gus told Hazel that his cancer was worse than it had ever been before. They were both scared and confused as Hazel stayed by his side through it all.


The Fault in our Stars is a love story that’s typically recommended for a teenage audience. However; parents should be aware that the book can be a little emotional for some at a young age. Hazel and Gus go through a lot, both physically and mentally, and this can have quite an affect on the readers. Although there are some emotional parts throughout the book, it sends an overall positive message. Throughout the book, some inappropriate language is used, but nothing an average teenager can’t handle. According to Common Sense Media, this book is recommended for teens 14 and older. It also gives a rating of five stars. This perfect love story won two awards including; The Goodreads Choice Awards Best Young Adult Fiction and the Audie Award for Teens.

In my opinion, The Fault in our Stars not only consists of great content and acting, but sends a heartwarming message to its readers. Don’t miss out on reading this unforgettable book.