A closer look at Colonia High’s parenting class


Photo Credit: Tatiana Correia

Ms. Mollica takes a picture with two objects, one from each of her classes.

By: Emily Vogler, Editor

At Colonia High School there are many different electives to choose from. As a senior, there are a couple more options. One of those options is the parenting class.

About the Class

This parenting class is taught by Ms. Mollica, who makes it a fun learning experience for all her students. Ms. Mollica also teaches the cooking class at Colonia High. This class starts out with baby dolls that the students take care of. Each student is assigned a weekend where the doll is turned on, meaning it acts like a baby. Once it is switched on, it can cry at any time and the student has to figure out what the baby needs. During their assigned weekend, the student keeps a log of the time the baby cried as well as why it cried.

Mollica also arranges for pre-school kids to come to the parenting classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Colonia students play with the kids and make crafts as well as teaching them. Senior, Will Orak was assigned a little boy named Frankie who loves to play. He loves playing with play dough and his two favorite toys, Mario and Luigi. When they go outside he absolutely loves blowing bubbles. Although they have a lot of fun playing, the kids are also taught some educational things too. For example, Will is working with Frankie and teaching him to count.

This class teaches students how to interact with kids, teach them and take care of them. It is good for students to learn these tasks because one day they will need them. Either having kids of their own, family members kids, or even being a teacher.

Not every senior at Colonia High is able to take this class because there’s a limited amount of spots. That being said, if you ever have the opportunity to be a part of this class, take it. It is a class that you will never forget.