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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration


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The Aspect of Tomorrow’s Teacher Course

The deeper understanding of Tomorrows Teacher course. Students can get their feet wet learning first hand what it is like to be a teacher.
The deeper understanding of Tomorrow’s Teacher course. Students can get their feet wet learning first hand what it is like to be a teacher.

The Tomorrow’s Teachers college course program is a way for seniors in Colonia High School to learn how to teach. It is designed for students to challenge their different skills that drives them towards the career of teaching.

Overview of Course

Typically, students would go to elementary schools in the district and observe classroom. Since COVID-19 hit, this had to change. Now, students go into virtual high school classes. There’s also many other things that had to change since COVID-19.  Virtual learning about teaching is difficult for most students. However, there were many benefits to through this new way of learning. An example of this would be, students being allowed to attend conference designed to help them thrive in their career goal. These provide students with the informations and tips that will help them in the future. Another way virtual learning has helped students is by showing the challenges to teach virtually. Previous years students didn’t learn how it’s like to teach through a virtual meet. Although the students weren’t able to physical teach in a classroom, or observe a classroom in-person, they did receive many benefits from this.

To give a brief background of the the course, Ms. D’Souza, teacher teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers explained, “Tomorrow’s Teachers originated in South Carolina in the 1980s because there was a shortage in teachers. This program is spreading across the United States and can be found in over 26 states. Many states call the program Teacher Cadets, but in New Jersey, we call it Tomorrow’s Teachers. Tomorrow’s Teachers allows us to give back to our community while gaining invaluable teaching experience at the high school level. You will have an edge over other students because you are taking this college level class.”

College Credits

Through this course students are able to receive college credits to in-state schools. The amount of college credit received is dependent on the University. Students must keep a good grade average and also pay the fee, Kean University provides. If students know they want to stay in-state college and also pursue in teaching then the fee shouldn’t be an issue. Not only does this class give you a great head start to your future career in teaching but also gives you the college credits you will need in the future to graduate college. Plus, this fee is way cheaper then paying for a college class while obtaining the same amount of credits. Although, this sounds like a great deal, this shouldn’t be your main reason for taking this course.

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Benefits From Course

Many students that are currently taking this class, are gaining a lot of benefits. Faith Kromka, senior taking this course, states, “This class so far has taught me a variety of things such as how to be more broad and creative with the things I do and will eventually teach and how to deal with a diversity of situations.” This class is more about than teaching students how to become teachers.

It shows students a different perspective. It helps students know there’s more to teaching. Ms. D’Souza said, “This class is a great way to see “the perspective from the teacher’s desk”. Students that take this course have a new appreciation for teachers. This program is a great opportunity to preview the demands and responsibilities of teaching. Either students love it and continue to be future teachers or save four years of college and choose a different route. ” Teachers also keep in mind the wellness and mental health of students. Although, teachers main focus is about learning, they have other concerns.

Learning all of these things gave the students a different perspective of teachers. Kromka explained, “This has changed my perspective on teachers. I think a lot of us take for granted how much work teachers actually put in to their lesson plans and how far they go to make everyone understand what they’re learning.” Teachers will always want the best for their students and students don’t realize until they look in the perspective of the teachers.

This course is not only for students that are considering a career in education but also in other fields. Ms.D’Souza states, “This class is meant to prepare students for future careers in the education field, including teachers of grades K-12, preschool teachers, school counselors, special education teachers, and even speech language pathologists. Students interested in these fields are highly recommended to take this course.”  This course will provide a deeper understanding for students that are interested in pursuing in one of these careers.

The Desire in Career

Students might change their desire to pursue in teaching. This course shows the challenges of teaching. It also show students that this is what they’ll be doing for the rest of their career. That’s why if you are considering a career in education it might be best to take this class just so you can see if this is what you want to do. If taking this course makes you realize that you don’t want to career in teaching, it just saved you time and money in college that could have been wasted. But for most students they feel they gained a deeper level of desire. Kromka states, “This has improved my desire to be a teacher. With all the tools this class has given me, I am excited for what the future holds.” Student’s desire increases because of the deeper understanding of teaching the course has given them.

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The Aspect of Tomorrow’s Teacher Course