How to get the most of your high school life


Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff

For some graduation seems light years away, but it will be here for you know it. How will you make your high school years memorable?

By: Matthew Mendives, editor

With each new school year, a new batch of freshman come in. These freshman all ask the same question, “how can I get the most of my high school life?”

High school is one of the most important times in a person’s life. You walk into high school a fourteen year old kid and walk out an eighteen year old young adult. There is a lot of growing both mentally and physically that you will do during this time. Since this is such an important time in life people want to get the most of it. Only problem is some people don’t know how.

In a survey ran by, 89.5 percent of people interviewed claimed they enjoyed their high school life. This survey contained 428 students. These numbers show that a large majority of people enjoyed their time in high school. It isn’t 100 percent, however, that’s 10.51 percent of people who didn’t enjoy high school. Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy one of the most important times in their life.

Something people often say is “High school is what you make of it.” This means your time is only going to be as good as you make it. You can do too little and make your time boring. However, you can also do too much and make your time stressful. This balance can be very hard to find and very few people master it. Another big part of high school is who you hang out with. The group of people you hang out with can change everything. If you hang out with troublemakers, you will most likely get in trouble a lot. People want to hang out with people who elevate them to be the best version of themselves. However, telling good people from bad people can be difficult.

CHS alumni from the class of 2019 Ryan Balog reflected on how to get the most of your high school life. In regards to freshmen, Balog stated, “Get involved and make the most of your time.” He believes that high school is only as good as you make it. Balog’s looks back on high school fondly by noting, “It was fun while it lasted but you get tired of it eventually and you’re ready to move on.” All good things must come to an end, and most of the time it’s for the better.

Brandon Wasserman, a CHS senior, feels it is best to keep yourself busy. When asked “How many activities have you done during your High School time, including jobs,” Wasserman replied, “ I played football, basketball and played baseball for 2 years.” He definitely kept himself busy and got the most of his time. Being a senior, Wasserman hopes “to get my GPA up by at least .1 and I want to win a sectional championship in football and basketball.” Setting goals for yourself is a good way to make sure you get stuff done and get the most of your time.

Ultimately, it is your outlook and attitude that matter most. According to Sideline Smitty, a reporter with The Seattle Times, “Realize that no one gets out of high school without emotional bruises.  These are some of the most vivid years of your life. The highs and lows come and go. Understand that not everyday is going to go smoothly, but it is how teens make lemonade when handed lemons that adds to their high school years shaping their future.”