Colonia takes on Spirit Week 2019

Junior Class Officers pose for a picture during the pep rally

During the week of September 23 through September 27, Colonia High School hosted it’s annual Spirit Week. Each day of the week includes different themed days & fundraisers to bring out healthy competition throughout the grades. However, at the end of the week the Juniors came out with a win.

Everyone at Colonia knows how big of a deal spirit week actually is. All grades try their hardest to participate to get the title of winners. Also, the grade that wins receives around 75% of the total money raised from Dime Wars throughout the week. This year, on Pink Out day, there was a total of around 1,000 students that participated. Freshman, or some new students at Colonia, might come into Spirit Week and ask “is it cool to participate?” The answer to this question would be . . . yes. Some students may disagree with this, but most of the CHS students enjoy participating and knows how much fun it is.

Spirit Week themes

Throughout the week, there were different days with different themes and donations. CHS started off the week on Monday with character day. Students came into school dressed as their favorite characters and brought in a donation of old clean blankets, sheets, or towels for the Saint Hubert’s Animal Center. Tuesday, students decked out in pink, and gave in 1 donations for Breast Cancer Research. Wednesday was Armed Forces day. Students dressed up in red, white, and blue or camouflage attire and brought in non-perishable food items for our food drive. On Thursday, students threw it back and dressed up from their favorite decade, and brought in tissue box donations. Finally, on Friday, students showed their Colonia spirit and wore their Colonia or blue & gold apparel. They also brought in donations of toiletries or ink cartridges.

Man in Charge

Of course, there had to be someone in charge of it all. Student Council Advisor, Mr. Hutchinson, takes on this role every year. When asked at the beginning of the week, Mr. Hutchinson explained that he had very big expectations for this year. He knew that the juniors were very motivated, however, the seniors also did not want to disappoint. He also explained how he’s surprised about the Freshman participation. Coming in third place, beating the sophomores, the freshman shocked all this year, especially when they won Dime Wars on day two.

Favorite Part of Spirit Week

Everyone has a favorite day of spirit week. Each day helps students come out of their comfort zone and have fun while doing so. Junior, Natalia Sierra said, “Decades Day because it’s fun to see everybody dress up and wear something they never would.”

The day where one could see the most participation, though, is on pink out day. When asked what Mr. Hutchinson’s favorite part of the week was, he replied with, “My favorite part is seeing unification in the hallways.  To look out and see a sea of Pink in the hallways or a cascade of red, white, and blue in the lunch rooms is awesome.  It drives home the fact that we are all part of the same Colonia High School family, and I like to see that. However, this year, hands down, my favorite part of Spirit Week came on Monday when I saw two girls dressed up as Keenan and Kel in Good Burger.”


At the end of the week, one grade has to come out with the win. Throughout the week, the seniors and juniors were neck and neck, with the freshman and sophomores falling behind them. Even though most people say spirit week is rigged to the seniors advantages, that was not the case this year. After coming really short last year, the juniors showed up and won. The juniors and Miss Davison, Junior Class Advisor, are very proud of their class.

Can the Juniors be stopped next year? That falls on the shoulders of the underclassmen.