College Board’s delay of SAT scores take a toll on CHS senior class


Photo Credit: photo via wikimedia under the creative commons license

due to college board delaying the scores a lot of seniors missed their deadlines

By: Basma Marghany, student life editor

On Wednesday, October 16 seniors at Colonia High School took the SATs in school. Scores should have been released November 11-13.

The Test

Well depending on where you live the SAT may or may not exist. The SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. Most students in the United States are required to take it at least once before they graduate if they plan to attend college.

Most students attempt to take the test for the first time their junior year. Just so they know what the test looks like for the first time. So they’re ready for it when they actually need to take in their senior year.

The test is made up of four or five sections depending on whether you choose to take with essay or without essay. The one that was taken in school was without essay. It was made up of  two math sections and two English sections. For the math section it was one with calculator which was 25 minutes long with 20 questions, and the no calculator section is 52 minutes long with 38 questions.

For the English section, it has two sections: a reading section , and a writing section. The reading section is is 65 minutes long and it has 52 question. The writing section is 35 minuets long , and it has 44 questions in it.

Scores Availability

Usually SAT scores are available withing 2-3 weeks after the test day. For some reason that was not the case with some of the seniors at Colonia High. Most of the seniors received their scores on the date they were supposed to receive them which is November 8th. While a group students who tested in  the same classroom didn’t receive their scores.

How did it affect students

With it being their senior year, there are a lot of things this group of seniors have to worry about. A lot of  seniors were planning to apply by the early action deadline but because of the delay of scores they couldn’t meet their deadlines. According to Senior Mafalda Mendes, “it was inconvenient because most of my college applications had to be in by December 1 and since I didn’t have my SAT scores I didn’t apply to certain schools because I didn’t know if my scores would meet their requirements.”

Adding to what Mendes said Senior Emma Moran said, “I was forced to apply with my lower sores and now that might affect me getting into college in conclusion college board is a scam.”

What caused the delay

After the scores have been delayed for over a week some chooses chose to take matters in their own hands and they went and called college board. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a straight answer from college board as to why the scores were delayed.