Year in review of new technology gadgets


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Being one of the top technology gadgets in 2019 the air pods pro cost $234.99

By: Basma Marghany, student life editor

When it come to looking back at 2019 there’s a lot of technology gadgets that came out.

Things that Came out

Some of the things that came out in 2019 were Air pods pro, move Bluetooth speaker, wireless charging pad, Mac Pro, Pixel 3a, inspire HR, XPS 13 Laptop, Elite 65t Earbuds, Kindle Oasis, and the Surface Pro 7.

According to popular mechanics these are the top 10 technology gadgets that came out in 2019

Top 5 according to prices

When it comes to looking at prices. a lot could be said. According to popular mechanics the wireless charging pad is the cheapest gadget that came out in 2019 is  the wireless charging pad. The wireless charging pad  costs $43.99.  It’s produced by Mophie, and what it is is that it’s a pad that could easily charge phones not needing a wire.

The second cheapest gadget is the Inspire Hr. The Inspire Hr costs $79.00. The Inspire Hr is produce by Fit Bit. The inspire Hr is designed just like the previous fit bit . Only it has more features , like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, resting heart rate monitoring, heart rate zones, cardio fitness level, sleep stages, real time pace and distance, 15+ goal-based exercise modes and even guided breathing sessions.

Coming in after the Inspire HR, The Elite 65t Earbuds they come in with multiple ear tips,to ensure that you have a perfect fit. They also have build in microphones to make sure both ends can hear . they’re also water resistant.Up next on the list is The Apple air pods pro.

The Apple Air Pods Pro are $234.99. They have active-noise cancellation, one-tap connection, a pressure equalizer, water resistance and adaptive EQ , Which all make them the best Bluetooth earbuds in the market.

And finally the Pixel 3a, The pixel 3a is a product by Google. It costs $339.00 comparing to apple and their prices it’s not that bad. The pixel 3a has a lot of features , one of the most important features is the camera. The camera  has Night Sight , which helps you get really good shots during the night time. Portrait mode, which makes people the focus of your picture. Not only that but also the phone’s imaging AI. Which actually takes multiple shots in quick succession before fusing the best parts of each for the perfect photo.

My opinion

When it comes to evaluating all the different gadgets it gets hard to decide which one is really worthy of buying. Whether you’re an apple products person, or someone who would rather other android products it could get very hard for you to pick which one is really worthy of buying. When it comes to choosing I feel like the air pods pro are the worthiest purchase. I feel like they are very convenient whether you’re a teenager,or an adult.