Palestinian Advocacy Day 2020 will bring the spotlight on Palestinian issues


Photo Credit: photo via amp New jersey Instagram used with permission

after a successful day of lobbying on the last day of PAD 2019 AMP new jersey chapter stops for a quick picture before their meeting with senator Booker

By: Basma Marghany, student life editor

Palestinian Advocacy Day (PAD)  2020 will take place on march 22nd through the 24th.

What is PAD

PAD is a conference organized by  American Muslims For Palestine (AMP). What the conference is that it is a two day lobby training with people who are concerned with Palestinian issues. What they do is that in the two day training you learn all the ins and outs of the government. Another thing you learn is how to approach senators and congressmen and congresswomen. One thing they always stress is the way you talk and the fact that even though most of the time you will not agree with what they say there’s a certain way to present yourself so you can really get something out of it.

About AMP

AMP is non profit organization. It was founded by Hatem Bazian in 2006. AMP has 11 chapters in 11 different states in the United States. Those states are : Missouri ,Wisconsin, Bay area, New Jersey,Minnesota, Detroit,Chicago,New York. When it comes to looking at the events that AMP holds it goes from protests and marches to banquette dinners. AMP has planned country wide protests especially after things that happened or certain decisions that are taken that affect Palestine. Some of the protests they organized was when  Donald Trump declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Another big event that they have held in the past was Advocacy day. This year they will run their 6th annual advocacy day.

Goals for PAD 2020

When it comes to looking at the goal for PAD 2020 they sure have big goals that they wish to conquer. This year PAD starts on a Sunday and the reason being is that they want to be able to talk to the congressmen and congress women directly. In the past they usually met with someone on behalf of their district  representatives who worked with them since the congressmen and women would be going into their offices Monday night. The conference ran from Saturday to Monday.

When asking amp staff about PAD goals and expectation Taher Herzallah , AMP outreach director director, said “It’s time to stand up and  take action and that’s exactly what we plan to do.” This year AMP will focus on talking about the deal of the century which is a deal that Donald J. Trump and Netanyahu have that will essentially eliminate the Palestinian cause once and for all. Their goal is to get 250 people from New Jersey and a 1000 people nationally.