Netflix favorites during quarantine

With extra time on our hand, you may find yourself streaming and binge watching more than ever. Netflix still leads the way in new subscribers when it come to streaming services.

Photo Credit: Photo via wikimedia commons under creative commons license

With extra time on our hand, you may find yourself streaming and binge watching more than ever. Netflix still leads the way in new subscribers when it come to streaming services.

By: Sasha Chiriboga, Reporter

During quarantine since there isn´t much to do, going on a Netflix binge is a must. About 60 million adults in the United States have subscribed to Netflix according to Comparitech. Netflix has created a list of the top 10 movies or series that have been watched in the US. People are raving about and the top five being the most popular.

#1 Despicable ME

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud, and the first of the series, this movie scored an 81% on the rotten tomato scale. It is currently the #1 on Netflix right now even thought this movie first came out in 2010. Gru ( Steve Carell) who is a supervillian that has to plan a grand scheme. During this, he meets three little girls who slowly start to change his life. A family movie that will  bring laughter and happiness is the most probable reason as to why this movie is #1 while families are stuck home during this quarantine.

#2 Tiger King

On March 20, Netflix released the docuseries, Tiger King, which is now the second most watched  in the US on Netflix. This shows follows the story of Joseph Maldonado-Passage also known as Joe Exotic. Also, the industry and lifestyle when it comes to big cat breeding. This show also includes Carol Baskin who is animal right activists and CEO of Big Cat Rescue who has a shady past. Overall this series has grabbed the attention of the country, with 34 million views the first 10 days it was released.

#3 Outer Banks

Released on April 15, taking place in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, this show has caught the attention of teens especially those who love a good mystery show. A group of teens are enjoying their summer until they come across a dead mans capsized boat. In the attempt to find the treasure that was said to exist and soon find themselves in the middle of a murder mystery. This shows also brings more interest by not making each character some high class snobby kids. There were two different groups who were enemies “The pogues” were the kids who weren’t rich. Then, there were ” The Kooks” who were your preppy stereotypical preppy kids. The difference between the two groups adds to the plot of the story.

#4 Ozark

Marty Byrde ( Jason Bateman ) who works as a financial planner decided to relocate his family. This is because he is on the move after a money laundering scheme went wrong. Ending up in Chicago in a Summer resort community in the Ozarks. Byrde is left no choice but to pay off a Mexican drug lord in order to keep his family safe. The score it received on the rotten was an 81% due to the way the plot is able to captivate the audience. This show was even nominated for for the Primetime Emmy award for outstanding drama series. Also, it was awarded with Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

#5 The Innocence Files

A Netflix series that speaks about wrongful convictions that have occurred. The stories of eight men are told and their story behind their false convictions and failure of the justice system. In the show audio recording, photos from crime scenes, recorded testimonies and videos of court trials are all included in the series. This series has been able to show the audience that everything has it’s flaws to it.

The top 5 out of the 10 most popular shows on Netflix have been able to entertain the audience. Not only during these hard times, but throughout the year. Each of these are able to please all ages whether you watch Despicable Me, a family movie, or The Innocence Files which is a more serious topic.

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