Tips for high school success


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This is a good representation of someone’s potential future if they decide to go to college.

By: Sara Attia, Reporter

There’s a lot you can do to succeed in high school, even though it feels like nothing will be normal again, by this time next year students will hopefully be flooding the school again. Middle schoolers will have become freshmen, and the juniors will be able to enjoy their seniors years– unlike the seniors. Things will hopefully be back to normal by next year, because we are already on track to recovery, and that means we will all have to figure out how to make ourselves feel normal. As a senior who went through three years of high school without any major setbacks like a global pandemic, here are my top tips for getting through and succeeding in high school.

Take Advanced Placement Classes

This is a common tip, but it’s really important. AP classes prepare you better for the workload of a college class. They also can be really helpful for other parts of college. When you’re applying to college, admissions counselors will see that you’ve taken AP classes and that shows drive. If you get a high score on your exams, it can show that you didn’t just skate by in class. You put the effort in and the work paid off. Elite colleges will see that. Not to mention that you can get college credits from some colleges if you get good scores, which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

What’s important to remember about AP classes is that they you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew. Taking AP Calculus AB and BC when you don’t like Math or AP Literature when you don’t like English isn’t the best idea. You might take it just to get it out of the way in college, which is fine, but that means you’ll have to put in even more effort, because you will be paying to take this test. Don’t take an AP class you won’t like just because it looks good on transcripts. You could be devoting that energy elsewhere.

 Join A Lot of Clubs

Clubs were probably some of my favorite parts of high school. Doing stage crew for the school musical was really fun. They also taught me a lot about responsibility and being part of a team. There are so many clubs at Colonia High School- sports like football or basketball, ecology club, the Student Led Action Committee. If you look for something then you’ll definitely find it, and I think that’s great. High school can be really hard. I know it can be scary finding friends with sometimes, but clubs can really help with that. You’re finding like-minded people who like what you like, and they have a lot of time for you to really become good friends. Tech week of the musical, when I’d be at school for hours, is where I bonded with some of my best friends.

Start Researching Colleges

It’s really important to do well in high school for college. But it’s also important to make sure that the college you want to go to fits you. It’s not just about elite schools, but what college has what you want. Websites like The College Board and PrepScholar have great resources for college research, and they’re really useful. You shouldn’t apply to schools just because you hear they’re good, because you’ll be wasting your money. If you get into a school you know nothing about, you could be going to one where you’ll have a hard time. Do your research, because college is a really important part of your education. You should take care to go to the school that best fits you. They’re all different, after all.

It’s hard right now, but these tips are things I was told and some I wish people told me. If you’re just going to high school or you’re almost done, good luck and have fun.

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