Will social distancing rules be followed as Summer begins?


Photo Credit: Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons License

The New Jersey beaches are a symbol of our state, and will be holding restrictions during this time.

By: Emily Spillar, Co-Editor-In-Chief

For the past two months, we have been social distancing ourselves for the safety of not only ourselves, but others. However, as the weather starts to get nicer will Americans continue to follow these guidelines?

Opening of beaches and state parks

On May 2nd, Governor Murphy of New Jersey has opened state parks as the weather starts to get nicer. Overall, social distancing requirements were followed. However, who knows how many people are going to these parks together, not social distancing. The Governor sent out a tweet saying that he will not hesitate to close the state parks again if social distancing requirements were not followed.

Also, Murphy has also recently announced that New Jersey beaches will be opening Memorial Day Weekend. This was a shock to many, thinking that we would still have to be following these social distancing rules. However, there are many rules in place for these beaches. Of course, there has to be a good amount of distance between people, there’s no swimming allowed, bathrooms are not open, and many other rules apply. The beach, at this time, is not really the beach but is being used as a place where citizens can go to spend time outside. This angered some New Jerseyans, but it’s what has to happen during this time.

Nicer weather, less following the rules

Since the weather is getting nicer, people are finding it harder to be distanced from their family and friends. Normal summer activities are being changed because of the social distancing laws. Colonia High School junior, Collin McBride, says that “it’s going to be hard to follow these rules because I’d rather be with my friends than inside.” Many different of these high schoolers feel the same way. Summer is usually their vacation from a tough school year. This is also why many people have said teenagers are the problem of this pandemic spreading, but how many people had to stay inside during their teenage summer years?

It’s not just teenagers, though, everyone wants to have a normal summer. Going into quarantine, it was a lot easier because it was colder and rainy out. Especially since most people want to stay inside during that weather anyways. However, now that it is sunny and warmer out, people want to enjoy the outside. Most people are not going to be following these rules during summer time. This is especially because most people thought that quarantine would be over by now, and not leading into the summer time.

Us, as citizens, can just hope that everyone continues to follow these guidelines even if it’s nice out. By not following these rules, this may result in this quarantine lasting into the fall or later. However, we all know that it is very hard to stay inside when the weather is so nice out. We would be naive if we thought that everyone will be keeping their distance when the weather is so nice out. But, we can hope that everyone stays safe while doing so.