Thanks for the memories

With graduation coming up, its time to say goodbye to all high school graduates.

Photo Credit: Photo via under Create Commons Licenses

With graduation coming up, it’s time to say goodbye to all high school graduates.

By: Megan Anderson, Senior manager of Entertainment and Social Media

Being a student at Colonia High School for the past four years taught me many life lessons, and I can’t believe it’s over. Even though my senior year wasn’t at all what I expected, I wouldn’t change my high school experience.

At the start of high school, I was an insecure, shy girl who didn’t speak up for herself. I just kept to myself and went with the crowd. Now I am leaving high school as a more confident woman. High school taught me to be more outgoing and be more confident in myself. 


When I was a freshman, I joined the swim team. I always had a passion for swimming and swam for many years all year round. When I joined the high school swim team, I didn’t realize I would meet some of my best friends there. 

The swim team was such a positive environment, where everyone cheered for each other. The majority of the people on the swim team had everyone’s back, which was a safe environment. My teammates taught me about sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work. I wouldn’t be the person I am if it weren’t for swimming, and I am so grateful for it. 

Next, when I was a sophomore, I joined The Declaration. The Declaration helped me out of my comfort zone and gave me a voice. For example, at The Declaration, we interview people for articles or videos. Before joining the newspaper, I could never see myself going up to a stranger and asking them questions about themselves. Now I am more confident in myself and don’t mind going up to strangers to interview them. The newspaper allowed me to get out of my comfort zone by going up and talking to random people. Furthermore, the newspaper gave me a voice from my teacher, Mrs. Allen, allowing me to pick articles in my interest and write about them. I wrote many articles about causes I feel passionate about, and I wouldn’t be able to do that for any other class. 

Lastly, being a part of all the events that high school offers are memories I cherish forever. For example, all the Friday night football games, the basketball games, the swim meets, the fundraisers, etc. I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the memories. 


The academics at Colonia High School taught me about hard work and perseverance. With every bad test, quiz, project, or homework grade I got, it made me work harder. All the tears and F’s taught me never to give up and work harder on every assignment.

Next, the academics at Colonia High School taught me it’s okay to ask for help. I was always hesitant to ask for help because I wanted to do everything myself. However, throughout the years, I learned that it’s perfectly okay to ask for help from teachers and other students. Almost everyone at Colonia High School wants you to succeed and do your best. 

Also, the majority of the assignments I took throughout high school helped me manage my time management skills. For example, all the 10-page English essays helped me manage my time wisely to complete the essay. 

Furthermore, the courses I took in high school helped me pick my major. I am an education major based on the courses I took in high school, specifically Tomorrow Teacher’s. This course helped me realize that I want to be an elementary school teacher, and I couldn’t be any happier with my choice. 

Lastly, all the AP and honor classes that high school had to offer helped me work hard and believe in myself. Without the rigorous courses I took in high school, I probably wouldn’t have gotten into my dream school. 

Goodbye CHS

Even though my senior year didn’t end the way I imagined it, I wouldn’t change it. Finishing my last few months of high school in a global pandemic taught me to be strong. I can do anything if I can overcome all the obstacles to finishing high school during the coronavirus.

Next, I am grateful for all the teachers who helped me along the way and helped me become the person I am today. I am thankful for all the friends I met along the way that helped me find my way.

Lastly, Colonia High School helped me discover that I want to become a teacher, and hopefully, I would impact my student’s lives for the better, just like some of my teachers did. Even though I am sad to say goodbye to Colonia High School, I am excited about the next chapter.