COVID-19’s impact on school


Due to a rise in COVID-19 cases, majority of New Jersey schools currently have empty hallways as students continue learning remotely.

By: Haley O'Neill, Reporter

COVID-19 has changed everything in our world in a matter of months. Hybrid learning was created due to COVID-19 to make sure that students are still getting an education. It has left students and parents at Colonia High School with mixed feelings. 

Throughout the challenges of this pandemic, students, and teachers have undergone excess stress. Between the change in society with wearing masks and socially distancing, they also faced a change in schedule with school time. The hybrid program was initially established to continue the learning for students but also remain safe; but the question still remains: Is it actually beneficial? 

As schools flip-flop from hybrid to remote, schedules are constantly changing which may pose problems for parents and students. (Photo Credit: The Declaration Staff)

A CHS student shares her opinions on the program. 

Aubreigh Newman: “I would definitely rather continue with the hybrid. Even though it’s a weird adjustment, it’s as close as normal as we can get.” Aubreigh Newman also believes that when it comes to teachers teaching lessons, “they thoroughly explain the lessons.”

When asked questions regarding the hybrid program, a parent answered and was very open about sharing her opinion.

Haley O’Neill: “How has the Hybrid program affected you and your schedule?”

Louann Shwidock: “The inconsistency and lack of communication affected my lifestyle.” Then she says, “The time in which school starts and ends truly affected me, due to the fact that it starts late and ends early.”

Not only has the schedule impacted Mrs. Shwidock but she also believes that it isn’t as beneficial as some would hope. 

“There is not as much classwork as there was before. There is a lack of instruction and more distractions. For example, background noise that is picked up through homes. Teachers are also not as prepared as they should be; meaning the change in school,” (staying home and then going back to school) “has teachers crunched with teaching time.”

Overall, the hybrid program has mixed feelings. The opinions from a student at Colonia High School and a parent of a student at Colonia High School are different from each other. The pandemic has caused such a drastic change in everything around us.