Depression in Teenagers


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Depression is a mental health disorder. This can cause mood swings, lack of interest in activities and more.

By: Haley O'Neill, Reporter

While some may think being a teenager is fun, that isn’t always the case. About 20% of teens suffer from depression at least once in their lifetime, before they reach adulthood. 

School and the Students

Adults today say that being a teenager is the best because of the little responsibility. In addition to the “little responsibility” teenagers are told they have, they also are told by many adults that it is all about having a good time but also staying out of trouble.  Depression’s number one cause is stress. Due to extensive studying and constant homework, about 90% of teenagers do not get the proper amount of sleep on school nights. If teens do not get enough sleep, then they will stressed about school.

Teens Suffering from Depression

More teenagers than you would think suffer from depression. Many teens hold their emotions back due to the fact that they are expected to be okay. For example, a student, Aubreigh Newman says, “I feel as though I am put at a higher expectation and cannot truly show my emotions due to that.” When asked if she becomes stressed easily, she then says, “Extremely. I am normally good under pressure, however for certain situations such as overbearing workloads my stress level is off the charts.” 

Many teenagers cope with depression or stress in many different ways. Some teenagers may choose not to cope with it and simply ignore that it is even present. Others may listen to music or socialize. A Colonia High School student, Matthew Salcedo says, 

“I talk to my friends and family, watch any type of entertainment, play video games, and listen to music.” 

Causes of Stress

Sources say that the main causes of stress can involve internally and externally. says that some common external causes of stress are, “Major life changes, work or school…financial problems…children and family.” They then continue on with common internal causes of stress, which are “…rigid thinking, negative self-talk, perfectionism, all-or-nothing attitude.” 


Fortunately, there are many different resources you can use to help with stress or depression. Everyone is different and has many different coping mechanisms. However, if left untreated depression can cause mental health problems in the future. It is truly important to talk about things and work things out rather than holding everything in. Always remember this:

“There is light at the end of the tunnel.”

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression:

National Youth Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663