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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The best and worst TikTok challenges during 2020

Photo Credit: Photo made by Roopindar used with permission
In summing up some Tik Tok challenges and trends during 2020, TikTok provided a source of sanity for many during quarantine.

The year 2020 had been a crazy one. The app Tik Tok has been popular during this pandemic and helped many people get through tough times. With over 315 billion downloads global wide. It has provided videos ranging from the BLM Protests to the wildfires, to in-memory videos for Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman, to people talking about having COVID-19 and a lot more. But TikTok has also shown fun and crazy challenges/trends to do to pass time during the pandemic. These are some of the worst and best challenges on Tik Tok throughout 2020. 

Top 4 Worst Challenges

First we have the renegade. This started off 2020, with everyone doing this dance challenge. This also started Charli D’Amielo, a famous TikTok creator’s career. Everyone was basically addicted to this challenge. It is a dance challenge that was originally created by Jalaiah Harmon, but Charli D’Amielo did it and got very famous for it. It was all fun at first but then it had gotten very annoying because the challenge was all over social media. I was so sick and tired of seeing the same dance and song everywhere. 

Cereal Bowl Challenge

Next, we have the cereal bowl challenge. Basically this challenge is to have someone lay down on their back and make their mouth into a bowl. The other person pours milk and cereal into the mouth, and then eats from it. Due to the pandemic we are in, eating cereal like that isn’t a good idea. Secondly it’s a choking hazard, while having fun and laughing the person can choke.

Filing down teeth challenge

In this challenge, people started to use a nail filer to file down their teeth to get a perfect smile. Dentists had to come on the app and stop people from doing this because it can damage the enamel. Which would lead to so many other problems. Although you are getting a perfect smile out of it, it causes a lot of problems. If you want to get your teeth filed go to the dentist, they have special tools to do it with. Doing it the way people did it isn’t safe. 

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The skull Breaker challenge

For this challenge you would need three people. The two people on the outside would tell the middle person to jump, and when the person would jump they would kick their feet up. Therefore you would fall, hitting your head. Although this might be funny… Seeing your friend hit the floor, it’s very dangerous. This could cause someone to get a concussion or even worse… death. A lot of people have gotten seriously hurt from this challenge. 

Top 4 best challenges

First we skin care, it wasn’t really a challenge but more like a trend. Many skin care professionals came on TikTok and recommended affordable products to use to help get clear skin. The product CeraVe  was the most preferred. People would post their before and after pictures of their skin when using the products that were recommended. Personally with the trend I actually had a morning and night skin care routine, which helped my skin a lot. 

Wiggies Challenge

I personally liked this trend because it’s so entertaining to me. Basically this trend is people wear bright colored wigs and then lip sync songs in parking lots/ parking garages. This challenge started other trends too, people would just go to park lots or parking garages at night and lip-sync/dance to songs with ski masks on or other accessories on. For Halloween in 2020 a lot of girls wore bright colored wigs. I personally never tried this, but it definitely would feel like a challenge to go out in public with the bright colored wigs and not feel embarrassed. 

This is America Challenge

The next challenge was my favorite because different minorities made videos on how they get treated in America. They would act out different scenes from personal experiences they’ve had. It shows how a lot of people are racist and rude toward different minorities around the world. This challenge started after the George Floyd incident had happened. This challenge was used to protest police brutally. Many other cases came out where injustice was done with African Americans/ other minorities. This challenge is a very sad but truthful one because it shows how bias and racist some people around the world are.   

Chloe Ting Challenge

This Challenge was also a really positive one because it’s all about losing weight. and getting in shape It was based on a Youtuber named Chloe Ting and the workout videos she posts. People would post their before and after results on how much weight they have lost. It gave other people motivation to workout and get fit. Since there is a pandemic, everyone was very motivated to lose weight. It gives them a activity to do while they are home. With this challenge, many other trends started like body positivity. People would show their true bodies of rolls and fat that they have. This helped make others feel confident in their own bodies and to love themselves.


In my opinion TikTok has saved my life during this pandemic. Since we can’t go out during the pandemic, I say that TikTok is such a great app. It gives your family fun dances and trends to do. It keeps me out of boredom and keeps me entertained. There are always new challenges everyday on this app and it’s one way to express your talents and skills. It even gives you the chance to possibly go viral because of it. Sometimes these challenges can get a little too carried away and become a bad challenge. But overall, I think everyone that has used this app can say TikTok has kept them occupied during this pandemic. 

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    Mrs. DiChiaraMar 1, 2021 at 8:23 am

    I’m not a big TikTok fan… but you are right everyone was doing it. Keep up the good work!

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The best and worst TikTok challenges during 2020