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What exactly is the point in taking tests?

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About 27% of students feel that when taking a test, their stress is difficult to manage.

Throughout the lives of many, tests play an important role in their lives, from SAT’s to their driver’s test. Overall, it shapes their future. However, the question remains, what exactly is the point in taking tests?


From babies to adults, people are required to take a variety of tests in order to succeed in life.  Tests are normally given out to students when their lesson or topic has come to an end. In other scenarios, tests are given to see how well they do with that specific thing. But the question is, how is a test (which is consisted mainly off of memorization) determining how well you do in that specific skill? If memorization is key to passing tests, then all students and adults really need to do is practice their memorization skills. Students are constantly focusing on lessons and the importance of them, meaning they will do whatever they can to get good grades, at least those who are interested in having a successful future. With that, note-taking and memorization play important roles in passing those tests that are required.

Tests and Stress

Tests have been shown to increase stress and anxiety in many people, causing them to overthink and do worse. “About 16-20% of students have high test anxiety.” With stress and anxiety occurring during tests, the chances of your test grade being good are less. “The problem is this anxiety can affect a students working memory capacity and much of their brainpower goes towards the anxiety rather than the answers needed for the test.” It’s very clear that stress and anxiety are all included in tests. This now leads to the next question; how are test scores accurate?

Accuracy in Test Scores

Tests are taken all the time throughout the entire world. However, when it comes to students taking them, stress is constant. “Studies have again and again shown that standardized testing doesn’t translate to better cognition and hasn’t been found to have a causal effect on success later in life.” Every student is different, however. Some may say they are good test-takers, while others may say they are not. Many students will study hard for tests and when it comes to the test itself, they get caught up in the “I have to get a good grade” mentality. That makes it hard for them to pass. This means the accuracy of test scores is low. Students are capable of doing much better, but the test takers that aren’t the best have difficulties.

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Every person is different; every test is different too. With that, the situations are different every time. However, for the test takers who aren’t good at tests, their future depends on it. Meaning, tests are unfortunately taken 24/7 in people’s lives. Therefore, with stress and anxiety occurring during test-taking, it makes it harder for the taker to fully give their all. Test-taking tips of all are available at the touch of a button, but what they never include are instructions or tips as to how to relax. It’s very important to focus on your breathing along with the question. Believe it or not, focusing on your breathing while reading the question has been known for being helpful. In conclusion, tests can be stressful, but with concentration, and patience, anyone can get through it.

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    Mrs. DiChiaraMar 1, 2021 at 8:24 am

    Those are great tips at the end!

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What exactly is the point in taking tests?