How Thanksgiving was celebrated in 2020


Photo Credit: Photo by UCS Blog under Creative Common License

Thanksgiving has been celebrated in America since the 1600’s, marking a traditional peace agreement between Americans and Native Indians.

By: Amir Saadeh, J1 Reporter

With 2020 surprising all of us, many had to figure out different ways to see family during the holidays. In the midst of heightened numbers, Thanksgiving was a holiday that was harder for families to come together. Here’s how some families spent time with their loved ones.

Student’s Perspective

This year, Thanksgiving was a bit differently celebrated. Daniel Dias, a Colonia High School senior shares his experience on how his family conducted it. Most of the country had been worried about obtaining COVID-19 while at the dinner table.

Dias said, “We were originally worried at first, but my aunt and mother were tested beforehand and both came back negative… our families were good to go and safe because none of us went anywhere and we had quarantined.”

He also explained that it wasn’t a one-person job. To keep everyone safe, everyone had to wear masks and try their best to social distance. Dias mentions how everyone abided by the rules and there was no miscommunication on anyone’s part on how to go through with being safe and happy. He also added how everyone was able to still see each other and have a nice meal together. The Dias family is just one of millions of families across the country who stayed safe and followed basic social distancing rules regarding the virus.

Adult’s Perspective

From the view of an adult’s eyes, Thanksgiving wasn’t as easy as it may have seemed through Daniel’s experience. I didn’t have Thanksgiving with my entire family this year, but I still was thankfully able to hear about how other families went on with this Thursday.

My aunt, Asma Dalia, told me about her experience with a different Thanksgiving this year. She mentioned how it separated itself from every other Thanksgiving. She explained how in the beginning, some were a bit nervous and anxious even with being apart from each other. Although it started off unique, it slowly got better.

”Once the food came out and everyone was eating, the tension flew out of the house… it became a lot easier to talk to one another once the elephant that was in the room was discussed. We talked about what would make everyone comfortable for the night, and our predictions on how long this would last.”

Dalia also mentioned how Covid-19 didn’t stop them from the usual laughs and traditions. She said they still watched football and played family games, all while staying safe. Knowing that Thanksgiving wasn’t the same as usual hurt a bit, but it satisfies me knowing that many families still found a way to enjoy their day. Despite the difference of this year, many families didn’t let that stop them from spending time together and being thankful. I also enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family while social distancing. Hopefully, soon it will all feel normal again.