Transitioning to the next level in sports


Photo Credit: photo via Angelina Wintonick with permission

Every year many athletes will move on to the next level of competition. One of these athletes was CHS alumni Angelina Wintonick, who now plays volleyball for St. Francis college.

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Every year, players transition to the next level in their sport. Although the transition can be difficult it is needed in order to reach your goals.

There are two major jumps that happen. One of them is going from high school sports to college sports. The other one is college sports to sports at a professional level. Both of these jumps in competition are met with their own unique challenges.

High school to college

Moving from high school to college is a difficult process for anyone. This is especially true for athletes. Athletes have to compete at a higher level than what’s ever been ask of them while still being a student.

Brandon Wasserman is a CHS alumni. He currently plays football at western Connecticut state university. The college football season was shortened due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, Wasserman was able to see the differences between the two level of sports even in the shortened season. When Wasserman was asked if he can notice an increase in physicality he said, “Yes 100%…the weight room and on the field, guys are a lot faster, stronger and overall just a lot more physical. The competition is just overall a lot tougher.” Wasserman can clearly see the difference between his competition in high school and the competition he’s faced in his young college career.

Angelina Wintonick is also a CHS alumni. She currently plays volleyball at St. Francis College in Brooklyn. This year she made the jump from high school volleyball to college volleyball. The transition was made even more difficult by the fact Covid-19 has restricted practice time. Wintonick said, “I really do believe it is important to commit to your sport in college more than you ever have. Playing a sport at the next level is something you should take pride in and work everyday to make yourself better.” Wintonick knows there will be a lot of work to compete at the next level but she is embracing it.

College to the pros

The transition from college to the pros is the hardest transition you need to make. Only the people who are truly committed to the sport they love will be able to successfully make this jump.

Tyrese Haliburton is a rookie guard for the Sacramento Kings. Haliburton as of March 29 is averaging 13 points and 5 assists. Usually rookies get the slowly adjust to the NBA with the summer league. However due to covid the summer league didn’t happen. Instead he played in a preseason game just three and a half weeks after he was drafted. When asked about his  preseason debut Haliburton said ” I just was feeling things out and getting a feel for everybody. But it just showed that I belong. And I’m just ready to improve on a day-to-day basis.”  Even in a non covid world players will need to adjust. 2020 all star Brandon Ingram was asked if he could notice a difference, he said “absolutely, I think you see the physicality change, you see the pace of the game change.”

Rookie WR Justin Jefferson had an excellent rookie year, getting 1,400 yards with a 70 percent catch percentage. He had some difficulties his first two weeks, getting just 5 catches for 70 yards. Jefferson said “I just wanted to prove everybody wrong. All of the doubts about me playing outside, me not being a fast receiver, me not being able to go deep. So this past season, I worked on all of those things. I just tried to clean up my game a little bit more and be that versatile receiver.” Despite doubts and early season struggles he was able to have a great rookie season.


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