The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards Results and Performances


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According to Statista, 8.8 million viewers watched the Grammy’s this year which is down from 18 million in 2020. Many other award shows such as Golden Globes and the Oscars also showed a decline in viewers in 2021.

By: Arianna Angel, club reporter

Were The Grammy Awards Worth the Wait?

The award show was somewhat disappointing. Some of the nominee choices were questionable. It’s safe to say that this year’s Grammy awards were displeasing and, quite frankly, disappointing.

Opening Acts

The Grammy’s were opened by beautiful vocals by Harry Styles, followed by the one and only Billie Eilish. Styles, later that night, was awarded the Grammy for Best Pop Solo performance. And, of course, Eilish did not disappoint this year either– leaving with two different Grammy’s in her hands (Record of the Year, Best Song Written for Visual Media). These two artists performed before many others, like HAIM, Black Pumas, Dababy, and Lil Baby, all of which were not able to leave with an award. Their performances were stellar. 

Awards and Performances

Next to perform were Bad Bunny, Jhay Cortez, and later on would be Dua Lipa. Bad Bunny, an international superstar, was able to achieve his very first Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album. And Dua Lipa, who was able to obtain the honor of having nine different Grammy nominations this year, left the show with a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. 

Silk Sonic?

As the Grammy’s progressed, I remember watching a performance that would live in my mind for the rest of the night. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak (Now known as “Silk Sonic) debuted their very first song as a group. The song, titled “Leave the Door Open,” is what I can only assume will be a massive hit in the future. These two caught me completely off guard that night, and it was truly a pleasant surprise.

An Ethereal Performance

And, of course, who could forget about Taylor Swift? Swift took the stage by storm with a beautiful cottagecore scenery, and blessed the audience once again with her vocals. She left that night with a Grammy in her hands, having received the award for Album of the Year– a huge honor.

The Record Considered Broken

History was also made that night–As Beyonce took the stage with Megan Thee Stallion (who was able to leave with two different Grammy’s that night), she received the Grammy that officially granted her the name of the artist with the most Grammy wins. A well deserved title, and a well deserved award.

More To The Story

These, of course, were not all of the awards, nor were they all of the performances. There were many amazing productions by other artists–like Marren Morris, Post Malone, Doja Cat, and more. No matter what the turnout was, or how these artists ended up doing, one thing is for sure. Everybody who worked hard to get where they are now deserves a huge congratulations. Grammy or no Grammy, nomination or no nomination, many singers and songwriters went above and beyond to please the public. From online concerts to new music drops. Everyone did their best to work with what they had, which isn’t easy for the people working in this industry. Corruption may or may not impact the awards. However, The artists who went above and beyond this year deserve recognition.

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