How to survive high school according to the class of 2021


Photo Credit: Mrs. Allen

In a few days the class of 2021 will say goodbye to Colonia High School. 48 members of this graduating class were polled about their time in high school.

By: Matthew Mendives, Co-Editor-in-Chief

In a few days the class of 2021 will be saying goodbye to Colonia High School. As a member of the class of 2021, I decided their voice should be heard. 48 members of this class were polled about their time in high school.

Freshman year

45.8 percent of the people polled believed that middle school kind of prepared them for high school. This means middle schools are for the most part are doing an okay job at preparing kids for high school. 33.3 percent of people believed science classes were hardest their freshman year. It seems like science is where the lower education levels are lacking the most.

When asked to give one piece of advice to their freshman self a common answer was “be yourself” or something along the lines of that. At this age it can hard to realize but you’ll only make your life worse if you pretend to be someone else.

Sophomore year

33.3 percent of people loved the elective they took sophomore year. This means CHS is doing a good job of getting students into an elective that fits them well.

52.1 percent of people believed their classes only got slightly harder from freshman to sophomore year. This means you shouldn’t stress about your classes sophomore years as it isn’t too much of a jump.

When asked to give advice to their sophomore self it was a common theme to see “work harder” and “develop better study habits.” Developing these skills sooner will help you down the line.

Junior year

41.7 percent of students who took the SAT felt a little confused while taking it. Although CHS does have SAT prep classes they should try and incorporate SAT stuff into normal math and English classes for people who can’t fit an SAT class into their schedule.

A common theme in the question of giving advice to your junior self is to enjoy your time and have fun. We truly didn’t realize what we had until it was taken away from us due to Covid-19.

Senior year

41.7 percent of students believed that their counselors were somewhat helpful in the decision making process. This means for the most part counselors are doing a good job at helping students.

35.4 percent of students felt somewhat robbed of a proper senior year. This is really out of anyone’s control but it still sucks that most of the seniors didn’t get an expierence close to what they wanted. Generally speaking a lot of people were thankful for their time in high school in their final message to CHS. A lot of people found something that truly had a great impact on them.

Final message

The class of 2021 truly is one of the best graduating classes ever. Despite the pandemic they stood strong and were able to accomplish their goals. Their survey results can help students in the future navigate through high school in the best way possible. One can only congratulate this class on everything they’ve done so far and wish them luck in their future endeavors.