After Two Years of Being Rescheduled, Coachella is Back and Better than Ever


Photo Credit: photo via wikicommons under creative commons license

The view of Coachella.

By: Arianna Angel, Reporter at Colonia High School

It’s back, baby!

Well, it’s that time once again. Coachella is being held this year in Indio, California. The dates for the shows, plus the headliners have been released as of January 12, 2022. This is a momentous moment in music history. For the first time within two years of being postponed, the festival has finally released dates. The pandemic has impacted so many people around the world. But was all worth the wait, because live music is back–and it’s back with a bang.

First dates of Coachella

The first dates that were released for Coachella was April 15  and April 22. The managers of the festival have gotten some amazing artists who have been dominating the charts since day one. Starting off strong, artists for the first days of Coachella include Harry Styles, Lil Baby, Big Sean, NIKI, Pink Sweat$, Carly Rae Jepson, Bishop Briggs, Role Model, and many many more. This lineup by itself has fans freaking out over their favorite artists. Lots of excitement has been shared through twitter posts and Instagram captions–I know I can speak for a lot of people when I say that this headline is beyond exciting.

Artists for the Second Lineup

Next up, we have the artists headlining for the days of April 16 & 23. Returning for another Coachella performance, Billie Eilish stands as one of the major artists performing for those days. Other amazing singers include Megan Thee Stallion, 21 Savage, Giveon, Anitta, girl in red, Wallows, Conan Gray, and others. Personally, I spotted a lot of artists whose music has gone viral with the TikTok generation, so I’m sure these artists will bring in lots of crowds. Resonating with many people on the earth, their music would be a gift to hear live– I know I wouldn’t miss it.

Wrapping Up the Festival

Finally, with the last headlines that will be wrapping up Coachella, these next headliners will be performing on April 17 & 24. With this special lineup, we have performances from Kanye West, Doja Cat, Karol G, Maggie Rogers, Måneskin, FINNEAS, Alec Benjamin, Olivia O’Brien, and other artists helping to wrap up the festival. What a perfect way for Coachella to come to a close, right? Fascinating show stoppers that dominate the charts and are followed by tremendous amounts of fans. I don’t know about you, but I think that Coachella is going to be packed this year.

Swedish House Mafia also plans on making a guest performance at Coachella. They have their own column at the bottom of the lineup sheet, so it doesn’t say what dates they will be present!

Personal Thoughts

Honestly, as a young girl living in the pandemic, I was nervous about Coachella. I follow a lot of music news–I’m watching shows everywhere being cancelled and rescheduled. I’m watching devastated fans give up their tickets. It’s truly saddening to watch the live music scene drip into nothing because of the pandemic. So, when it was time for Coachella to schedule it’s dates, Cancelling seemed like an obvious outcome. Although, I guess all of that  manifesting worked, because not only did we get dates, but we got headlining artists that will NOT disappoint!

Stay Safe!

While I would love everyone to go and enjoy themselves, if you are planning on going to Coachella this year, make sure you stay safe and wear a mask! Even with the return of live music, we are still living in Covid times, so it’s important to keep cautious!

Glad to Have You Back!

With that said, it is truly thrilling that Coachella is back and better than ever. Getting back to enjoying music live is definitely something that everyone has been looking forward to. We’re all ready to see our favorite artists light up the stage this April! Now, with the information out of the way, who wants to grab me some tickets to California?!