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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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After Three Years, Harry Styles Announces His Third Studio Album

Album Cover for Harry Styles New Album.
Photo Credit: photo via Columbia Records under creative commons license
Album Cover for Harry Style’s New Album.

After much anticipation, Harry Styles is back at it again. The Grammy Winner has moved forward from the Fine Line Era. A new album has been announced.

You Are Home

From spontaneous and vague tweets, to completely random Instagram posts, fans were left completely in the dark with most of the information presented. On March 19th, a verified Instagram account made a post; a very interesting one, at that. The account, named “You Are Home,” posted a simple photo of a blank wall and a door. These pictures continued to upload on this account, each one having a different photo hiding behind the door.

Harry’s House

Fans immediately connected the occurrences to Styles when on March 23rd, there was a photo of himself behind the door. Fans speculated that many of the photos were also linked to him in different ways. On the same day, a few hours later, Styles made a post on his Instagram (also Twitter), announcing his next album, titled “Harry’s House.”

There was a video released with this photo, like a trailer introducing bits and pieces of the album. Fans believed that there is a reversed song at the end of the trailer, which they were correct in the end.

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As It Was

Merely days later, the fandom went into an uproar when Styles announced his next single. Releasing on April 1st, Styles’ first single in three years sent people spiraling into a gleeful cheer. The title of the song was named “As It Was,” and was said to be the first song off of his new album. As this information was very rapidly spreading worldwide, many new rumors surfaced about two more singles being released– one of which is titled “Drops of Blood.” And although there have been many small pieces of evidence that could lead to this being another single, the rumors have not yet been confirmed.

Since the release, Styles has made apple playlist covers, number 1’s on Itunes, Spotify, etc., and has its talks about climbing its way to the top on the Billboard Hot 100. Many believe that this album will be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) album releases of 2022.

Surprises at Coachella?

This also ties into Styles’s upcoming performance at Coachella in the next few weeks. Some people believe that Styles will be leaking a new song at the show. This is because new lyrics are connected to billboard signs that were put up on highways and main roads. Again, this is so far considered a rumor–nothing has been confirmed just yet. But I suppose this is something we will find out that weekend. 

After that, there has not been much speculation about any other rumor or post. The “You Are Home” Instagram account continues to make vague uploads with the door. It also leaks photos that are connected to Styles’ music videos. As always, the singer continues to be indistinct about his approach to this new album. But without a doubt, the public seems to agree that this album will most definitely be one for the history books.

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The student news site of Colonia High School
After Three Years, Harry Styles Announces His Third Studio Album