Fusion Night, a culmination of cultures, unites students

Proud of their heritage, these twins explain what it was like growing up in another country.

By: JP Galope, Reporter

On Wednesday, May 12, 2022, Colonia High School has hosted a multicultural event called Fusion Night. Fusion Night is a culmination of various cultures represented in booths, foods, songs, histories, and live performances from singers and dancers.

What are the activities?

In these booths, everyone learned about the histories of the people represented in their cultures. Black Student Union, French Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society, and Asian Culture Club have displayed the best parts about each of their cultures. Additionally, Interact Club and Mu Alpha Theta have also set up extra activities such as ring toss.

What’s the entertainment for that night?

That night, there were a lot of proud and talented performers representing who they are and what they stand for. There were people singing and performing with songs from different languages. Plus, there was a multicultural fashion show that displays stylish and beautiful outfits around the world. However, everyone loved the dancers because they were absolutely astonished.

Ashley Massano, a senior at Colonia High School, had some positive feedback on the entertainment for the night. She said, “Fusion night was very fun! I got to try different foods from various countries. I loved the dances that were performed and each table’s display of their culture.”

What are the foods presented?

These booths offer foods from different cultures for everyone to try. To start with, there are delicious snacks from the Philippines such as Piattos. Croissants are a delectable treat from France. In the Spanish booth, they have amazing beans and rice. Also, at least everyone came up for a slice of pizza. Meanwhile, Italian ices are also available for the mildly hot weather. In summary, everyone has tried something during the event.

Katherine Albuquerque, a senior at Colonia High School, said she had a wonderful time, “I really loved being able to try foods from different cultures, as well as watch cultural dances from around the world. There was so much unity and positivity amongst everyone- it was truly a beautiful sight to see.”

How was Fusion Night?

Overall, Fusion Night is a culmination of various cultures. This night is a time to embrace who we are individually. It is a celebration of proud representation where everyone loves their own culture. Everyone had a wonderful time that night. They sang and dance along to different music. Additionally, they get to explore and learn different cultures while also trying new things.