Recapping the heavy metal of 2022


Photo Credit: Photo via maxmetal under Creative Commons License

Pictured is the heavy metal band Megadeath. Following Mustaine’s throat cancer removal, he released a new single which provided great reviews from critics.

By: John Kucel, Reporter

Many heavy metal bands released new music in 2022. This includes Slipknot, Megadeth, Metallica, and Rammstein.

Metallica and Megadeth

Metallica and Megadeth released new singles, Lux Æterna and We’ll Be Back respectively. While the musicians are getting close to 60 years old, Metallica had a less-than-stellar performance. However, Megadeth had a very impressive showing with this song. James Hetfield, the lead vocalist of Metallica, doesn’t give the best singing performance and the songs just sound like a lot of their newer work. Megadeth on the other hand, has revamped its sound and it’s very refreshing to hear something unique from them. The guitar is faster, the vocals and drums are in sync, and it’s nothing like anything they have ever done.


Slipknot released The End, So Far during the Summer. The album is led by The Dying Song. Usually, the leading song on an album is an intro to every other song in some way, sound, or theme of the lyrics. But this is not the case with The Dying Song. The song is heavy on drums and samples, which isn’t the case for the majority of other songs on the album. There are songs like Warranty which is heavy on drums but not samples. This leads to an interesting opening to their album, which doesn’t really cover what the album as a whole is about. With that being said, The Dying Song is a great song but doesn’t fit in with the rest of the album, this leads to an imbalance but is still a very solid album.


Rammstein released Zeit at the end of April, opening the album with the self-titled song. It’s about the beauty of the current moment. Zeit, meaning “time” in German is entirely in the German language, which leads to a unique and serene sound that you won’t hear anywhere else. The album takes on a different sound from the usual nu-metal approach Rammstein usually goes for, this album is calmer and more serene.

Future of metal

The future of heavy metal is at stake, as there aren’t many new bands coming up and the genre is surviving on the same older bands. The older bands won’t stay around forever, with Slipknot parting from Roadrunner Records and getting up in age. The future of the genre is looking grim, along with the future of the bands listed here.