Woodbridge Township Boys´ Hockey racks up the goals against South Brunswick

Photo Credit: Izabella Borsukiewicz
Hunter Galgani protects the goal from attempted shots. No goals went in, leading to Woodbridge Township´s Hockey Varsity win.

By: Daniella Albuquerque, Reporter

On Jan. 20, 2023, Woodbridge Township’s Boys Varsity Hockey, took the win against South Brunswick at The Club at Woodbridge; the score was 12-2.

First Period

**Each period is 15 minutes

On a typical game day, Hunter Galgani (junior), starts off as goalie. But for this game, Noah Gibb (senior), played instead.

Hubert Polchlopek (senior) and Braedon Rafferty (junior), scored the first two goals of the evening (14:26; 13:05). The crowd went wild and realization dawned on the Vikings, this team will be a challenge.

During this game, Polchlopek scored the most goals he has scored all season, adding to his career goal of 56 and 120 assists. Rafferty scored two goals and assisted once, increasing his season of 15 goals and 17 assists.

Before you knew it, freshman William Sassman and senior Thomas Lagomarsino, of the Vikings scored (12:38; 10:00). This one goal led Sassman´s carreer goal to be two and his assist to be three. This game was one of the least goals Lagomarsino has scored throughout the season, having his career goal coming out to 74 and his assists of 42. When the teams tied the tension rose. To be safe, Coach Joseph Rotella, swapped Gibb for Galgani. Galgani has 276 saves this season with 300 shots against him. His career save percentage is .914%.  Coach Rotella did not put him in since the start and he said, “The other goalie (Gibs) was planned to start and then it got like bad, so they put me in.”

South Brunswick´s goalie Garrett Ribner, had ten saves and 15 shots against him in this game.

As the period was coming to an end, four goals and a penalty occurred. Ryan Douglas (junior), got a penalty for hooking an opposing player. Chris Walusz (junior), scored with 6:04 minutes left; Polchlopek scored twice, one with 5:10 minutes and the other with 15 seconds left; Dylan Godsil (senior),  scored with 4:01 minutes left.

Second Period

The team nicely finished this period by scoring many more goals. Dougie once more got a penalty, but for ‘too many men.’ Douglas explains that it is when you touch the puck when there is six men on the ice, and you are not supposed to do that.  He sat out for two minutes, before he was able to go back in.

Galgani did an amazing job by blocking 15 attempted shots to the goal, and making sure none went in. With 5:55 minutes left, senior Brendon Airel  and senior David Stasienko of the Vikings, got into a fight. Airel went into detail with what happend and said that Stasienko had hit him up high with his stick. Airel said that he did not like that, so he had turned around and said a few things. Stasienko turned around, grabbed Airel, and began to punch him.  Airel did not want to punch back, so he bear hugged him.  Soon the referees came in between and separated them both.

Next Game

The next upcoming game will be at The Club at Woodbridge. The Woodbridge Township Boys´ Varsity Hockey will verse East Brunswick, on Feb. 3, 2023, at 3:15 P.M.  The last time the two teams faced each other was on Dec.9, 2022. Woodbridge Township won, 15-1.