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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Colonia’s Swim team achieves 6 game win streak

Senior members of the CHS swim team and Coach Degraw at their 2023-2024 Award Banquet. Held every year at the end of the season.

Reflections on the season

As the beginning of February came, so did the end of another swim season for Colonia High School and a very successful season at that. Totaling at 8 swim meets, CHS held a 6 meet-long win streak only losing the last 2 games. With such a victorious season we got to get the insight of the captains of the swim team along with the coach. 

 Aryan Ghariwala has been on the swim team for 2 years at this point but had been taking swimming lessons for many years before that. He joined the team in 2022 after having been convinced by his friends to take part in the team during his junior year. When asked what was the highlight of the season, he said, “Senior night! Even though we lost the meet, everyone gave their speeches and we all got our own build-a-bears.” 

Ghariwala will not be continuing with swimming in college. “In college, I plan on doing track & field, although I may continue swimming as a hobby. It was definitely bittersweet. I’ve met a lot of amazing people through the swim team, and I’ll be sad to leave them next year. Having these experiences on the team definitely has made it worthwhile, though.” 

Words from Malia Calitis

Malia Calitis got into swimming through her older sister. “When I was younger, I would watch my sister practice before my swim lesson. I thought they looked so cool and decided that I wanted to be the cool big kid that swam fast. And once I got in the water, I just loved being under it.” While she didn’t officially join the CHS swim team til her freshmen year, because of her sister she considers herself to have been involved since 5th grade. She’s been swimming for 12 years.

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“At CHS, we have practice 5 days a week. Morning practice is usually once a week but it could be twice if we’re unlucky. Sometimes we wouldn’t have morning practice. These practices are mostly free yardage. We do 500 free (20 laps), some kick and a drill, and relays if we have time. I don’t diet. The most dieting I’ve done is not eat something that would make my stomach hurt a day or two before a big meet. Some of the more competitive swimmers will stock up on protein and carbs while they taper. Everyone brings Gatorade, protein shakes, and granola bars to meet to snack after an event.”

Calitis is uncertain if she will continue swimming in college. “It definitely depends on where I go. I want to swim D3 but I prioritize band. In the chance that I can’t balance both, I would definitely pick band over swim.”

With this being her senior year, the season was a little bittersweet. “There are a lot of people that I’m leaving behind and even more that I know I’ll never swim with again.”

“Most of the highlights are the goofy things we would do in the lobby and on the bus, like give each other piggyback rides and blast music to sing to. We also went to Applebees after year’s senior night and that was really fun. One time the bus driver got lost taking us to school from the WCC in the morning and we ended up at ShopRite.”

Coach talk

“The two best moments from the past season would have to be going 6 dual meets in a row undefeated as well as celebrating our seniors at Senior Night. The win streak felt amazing; it gave us the energy we needed to keep up the pace throughout the season. The highlight of the season for me was watching our combined efforts pull through at the GMC Championship in which many of our swimmers produced their personal best times.”

“Saying goodbye to the seniors each season is very bittersweet, All our seniors did an outstanding job this year both in the pool and in the classroom. As a coach, it is a very rewarding feeling to watch young adults grow and mature year after year. I am proud of our seniors and wish them nothing but happiness in the future.”

“Our training schedule is very intensive. We practice daily either before school at 5:30 am or directly after school. Our training consists of both in-water activities as well as dryland workouts.”

“The biggest improvement this year I noticed was how so many of our returning swimmers remembered all the techniques taught last season and made great efforts this season. Many of our swimmers’ times dropped as a result of their hard work and dedication to our sport.”

“I always look forward to the season ahead. Our team’s motto is Many Talents One Family so while everyone enjoys the next few months off, I look forward to seeing everyone back in the pool this November.”

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