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Ultimate playlist for Valentine’s day

Photo Credit: Rachelle Saerang
From artists like Beabadoobee, The 1975, and Lizzy McAlphine, to SZA, The Cure and Pink Pantheress, music on love is found everywhere. These artists and their viral songs are used to spend this Valentine’s season taken, single or in a complicated status.

With love in the air, music is a great way to express the romantic or lonely season. Here’s a list of some songs for you to share with your significant other, for those that are single, and for those who are in a complicated situation. 


Love songs

“Glue Song”, Beabadoobee

This Valentine’s Day, Beabadoobee released the single which already has a fan base. Listeners are hooked to its live preview in November of 2022 on the WFUV Public Radio. When looking for a song for a newly sparked romance, Beabadoobee sings it best. The British singer belongs to the alternative/indie genre. Contrasting to her usual heavy electric guitar instrumental, her voice is light. However, the jazz instrumental of “Glue Song” uses an acoustic guitar and a faint trumpet. Beabadoobee wrote it taking inspiration from her newly formed relationship with her current boyfriend. Teasing fans, listeners were obsessed with its simplistic lovey dovey, catchy lyrics. It gets its title from and is most known for its intro: 

I’ve never known someone like you

Tangled in love, stuck by you

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From the glue”

With the official release, it comes with a music video filmed during a trip with her boyfriend in Beabadoobee’s hometown. The video showcases the beauty of the Philippines city, Ilo Ilo. 


“Just Like Heaven”, The Cure 

The 80’s song, “Just Like Heaven”, lasts generations. Its long intro starts off listeners to its dreamy atmosphere. Its new wave sound contributes to the love story that it shares. The lead singer, Robert Smith, wrote the song inspired by a trip to the beach with his then girlfriend and future wife. Smith talks about running away with her and comparing her to an angel, a dream, and most importantly, heaven. The instrumental and lyrics capture this beach day perfectly and is even shown in its official music video. This is best displayed in the second verse: 

“Spinning on a dizzy edge

Kissed her face and kissed her head

Dreamed of all the different ways I had to make her glow

‘Why are you so far away’ she said

‘Why won’t you ever know that I’m in love with you?

That I’m in love with you?’”

It’s most known for the poetic refrain: 

“You, soft and only 

You, lost and lonely 

You, strange as angels

Dancing in the deepest oceans

Twisting in the water 

You’re just like a dream 

You’re just like a dream”

Songs for the singles

“Boy’s a Liar”, Pink Pantheress

 The bedroom pop singer, Pink Pantheress, is known for her short drum-and-bass discography inspired from the UK 90s and 2000s music. “Boy’s a Liar” shares the same upbeat that you can dance to. The lyrics have the singer wondering if the boy she likes in is actually worth it. She questions if she is ever good enough, but realizes that the boy doesn’t deserve her. Recognizing self worth makes it great for singles that freely choose to spend this season with themselves. The catchy tune goes, 

“What’s the point of crying?

It was nеver even lovе (It was never even love)

Did you ever want me?

Was I ever good enough? (Ever good enough?)

The-the boy’s a liar, the boy’s a liar

He doesn’t see ya, you’re not looking at me, boy”

In time for the season’s Singles Awareness Day, Pink Pathresses collabed with the rising rapper, Ice Spice. Ice Spice adds a verse that surprisingly fits the song perfectly despite their different genres. The unexpected feature of the Bronx bound rapper, Ice Spice, and the UK singer, Pink Panthresses, makes the song even more refreshing. 


“Kill Bill”, SZA

Featured on her long awaited second album “SOS”, “Kill Bill” is a fan favorite. Named after the film of its insirpation, the song is about getting revenge. The intro is almost eerie until the beat drops and SZA soulfully sings. This song is the perfect example of her alternative R&B and neo soul genre. With a unique and distinctive voice, you can’t help but replay. Her lyrics share a play-by-play of her thoughts after her former partner replaces. She expresses her fantasies of payback in the chorus: 

“I might kill my ex, not the best idea

His new girlfriend’s next, how I’d get here?

I might kill my ex, I still love him, though

Rather be in jail than all alone”

“Kill Bill” is a great reminder for singles that broke up with their exes. Just because love is in season, doesn’t mean it’s time to look back and long for past relationships.  

Songs for the “it’s complicated” 

“About you”, The 1975

Beginning with a calming energy, this song can be mistaken for a love song. However, its lyrics tell otherwise. The 1975 belong to the alternative/indie pop genre. They are highly associated with the ‘Tumblr/Indie Sleeze Era’ of the mid 2010s. The lead singer, Matty Healy, recalls a relationship where he can’t forget about his former lover. Nonetheless, its viral bridge is sung by the airy voiced Carly Holt, wife of the band’s guitarist Adam Hann. The bridge goes: 

“And there was something about you that now I can’t remember

It’s the same damn thing that made my heart surrender

And I’ll miss you on a train, I’ll miss you in the mornin’

I never know what to think about

I think about you (Don’t let go)

About you (Don’t let go)”

The lyrics show a case where one forgets about the other and the other can’t stop thinking about them. Although it masks as warm, its message is heartbreaking. The confusing themes are a great listen when reflecting on those in a complicated relationship status. 


“Ceilings”, Lizzy McApline

The 2022 song is a hit among TikTok users. The folk pop singer first gained a following with her 2020 album “Give Me a Minute”. This song, though, is the first of hers to attract a larger audience. With a guitar, the instrumental begins calmly. She stares at a ceiling and ponders movie-like romantic moments with her sweetheart. The cinematic chorus sings: 

“Then you’re driving me home 

And I don’t wanna leave

But I have to go

You kiss me in your car

And it feels like a movie I’ve seen before”

Seemingly a love song, the drastic escalation of the beat, drums and guitar reveal its true reality. 

“But it’s not real 

And you don’t exist 

And I can’t recall the last time I was kissed

It hits me in the car 

And it feels like a movie I’ve seen before” 

The contrasting ideas of the singer’s imagination of a relationship, with her lonely reality shares her longing for one. Even though it may seem like a typical love song, it’s actually a delusion. For those that are longing for something romantic to come out of a relationship, this is the perfect song. It shares a complicated and messy mind, but is poetic and thought provoking.

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Ultimate playlist for Valentine’s day