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The student news site of Colonia High School

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The student news site of Colonia High School

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How to become a college athlete

Photo Credit: The Declaration staff
There are many sports that can guarantee you a shot at college, from tennis to basketball to football. John Poznanski grew as an athlete throughout high school and now wrestles for Rutgers University.

Sports at the college level is a dream and a goal for many players and it’s also a big next step. College level sports take a lot of hard work and dedication. Athletes need to take advantage of any opportunity they get because they never know where that opportunity might take them or how far.

Starting Early/Beginnings

The journey to get to the college level is early for some people. It is important for young athletes to start playing sports because they build their skill and maybe even build a passion. This passion will drive them to work hard and put the effort in to be better.

The earlier the person starts the more time they have to develop their skills and maybe improve their chances for success and make it to the college level. Its go to build skill because then when you play it just comes easier to you. 

Focusing on your Grades/Academics

Getting good grades is just as important because to make it to the next level it’s required to have a certain average in your grades to even play the sport you want. Athletes need to maintain good grades and take classes that are more challenging .

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This shows that they are serious about their academics and this helps coaches and recruiters like them because they are not only focused on the sport they want you to build yourself up and get head strong.

Attend Camps, Scrimmages and Showcases

Camps and showcases are great for people trying to show their skills because coaches and recruiters host them and it’s to see skill from the people that come to show it.  These allow coaches to witness the athlete’s abilities and skills to evaluate their potential as a player. Attending these events can also help athletes make connections and help their chances of being recruited.

Building a Network

Networking with people for sports is good and helps out to make it to the college level of sports. Athletes should build relationships with teammates, coaches and other important people that are known in the sport. This can lead to getting into colleges and even being recruited by college coaches, this will get you on their radar and your name will be passed around.

Working with Recruiting Service

Working with a recruiting service can help the chances of you being noticed by others and then your name can go around and make an impression on important people.

This can help with the recruiting process as well and make it easier for the player to get noticed by coaches and recruiters and even people that are big in the game.


Making it to the college level of sports is not easy, so anyone trying to pursue a sport should put in the work and not give up. Athletes should not give up if they do not get recruited right away because it takes time and you just need to trust the process.

They should keep working hard, and show what you can do and hope to get noticed, and also  reach out to coaches and keep in contact with them and maybe a opportunity will present itself.

Being Open to Different Opportunities

Athletes should be open to different opportunities even if it’s not what they were hoping for, but they should still try to take advantage of the opportunity they get if they do get one to show what they’re capable of.

They might not get recruited by the school they wanted or maybe just not have enough money, and that is why they should still be open to other opportunities at other schools or maybe even in different states.

Having an open mind is important because players should still be willing to take advantage of the opportunities that are given to them.


Daniel Grasso, Colonia wrestling coach watched John Poznanski, now a wrestler for Rutgers University, grow as an athlete. “Poznanski was self motivated and had a great work ethic which was more old school. He was a talented freshman, set records for colonia high and broke them as well. I kept him focused and didn’t let him get distracted by other things, I always tried to keep him motivated and focused. His work ethic got him into Rutgers and put him where he is at now.”

Grasso pushed this kid to get where he is now is what these athletes need to assist them to make it through to the next level of sports.

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How to become a college athlete