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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

Overview of every Slipknot album

Photo Credit: Photo via play-reactor under creative commons license.
The 9 members of the band Slipknot line-up for a photo-shoot.

Slipknot is one of the most popular nu metal bands, forming in Des Moines, Iowa in 1995. The band consists of 9 members, despite their line-up seeing some changes, the thing that has changed the most with each album is their tone and masks.


The 9 members all change their masks in some way with each album, this symbolizes how they as people change through time. Slipknot originally had three members, but they kept adding people and made their first demo. The demo is not anything special, and the members often try to distance themselves from it. It was originally seen as an album in order to get the band out there, but those days are gone.


Their first real album, is the self-titled album. This is often looked at as their best or second best album. It consists of some of their greatest hits such as “Eyeless” “Surfacing” and “Wait and Bleed” which are almost always played during their concerts. The band during this time was still new to the scene. They signed under Roadrunner Records and this album went double platinum. It scored 51 on the Billboard 200, making it their best performing album.


This album is often contested to be their best work, even their drummer at the time, Joey Jordison, claimed it was the best metal album of all time. It is just as heavy and angry as their first work, but the sound is less coarse. The drums and guitar are still powerful, the backing vocals play just as much of a role as before, but the bass-line is harder to hear. This album comes from a place of hate, as the band members couldn’t stand each other and most were alcoholics or drug addicts. This album features masterpieces such as “Disasterpiece” “The Heretic Anthem” and “Left Behind”

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The subliminal verses

The Subliminal Verses, also known as “Volume 3” features the most hits, such as their most famous song to date, “Duality” and other top hits like “Vermillion” “Before I Forget” and “The Blister Exists” all of these songs are often played during concerts with very interactive parts for the fans to chime in. While this album has some of their best work, it does dial back on cursing and the tone is less heavy.

All hope is gone

Many hits came from this album, including “Psychosocial” “Snuff” and “Sulfur” but this album is the beginning of the shift from their heavy, angry tone, to more somber and sincere. This comes to many fans dismay, as they came for the angry tone, whether it was because of personal connection to the lyrics meaning, or to let out their own personal anger, this isn’t a sound fans would see for a while.

The gray chapter

Often considered their worst album, this takes the somber route to the extreme, boasting limited hits, consisting of “Killpop” and “Custer” this is where a lot of fans turned on the band, as they strayed too far from their roots. The somberness is taken too far, and is looked at as Corey complaining about heartbreak, instead of a battle of depression.

We are not your kind

A breath of fresh air for fans, this album brings back some of the heaviness in the songs “Solway Firth” and “Nero Forte” it brings back the coarse vocals and angry tone. However, the band is getting old, and fans have started to leave, something out of their control. Many have decided this album is great, but not excellent, and could be a way back into their old sound.

The end, so far

Slipknot’s latest album brings back their old tone in almost full swing, David Brimstone, a fan claims; “This is likely their best work in over a decade. It is a completely different sound than their recent work and is a good change of pace. I am happy that they are finally coming back.” This is their last album with Roadrunner Records, which can turn out to be for the better, or worst for the band.

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Overview of every Slipknot album