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The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

The student news site of Colonia High School

The Declaration

2023 year in review: Trend edition

2023 contained many events and trends. Some trends we should bring to 2024, others we should leave behind.

Drill Music

Don’t get me wrong I love a GOOD rap song just as much as the next guy. But drill music isn’t even music. Drill Music originated in the early 2010s in Chicago, it is a subgenre of hiphop. In drill artists’ songs they talk about real events, making disturbing claims of violence, drug abuse, and gang activity whether it was in the past, present, or future. These same disturbing songs people are “getting down to” and it is concerning. We as a society have lost our way in music completely, and I can understand why with music like this being produced for people to listen to. What happened to music, like back in 80s, 90s, and early 2000s.

These “artists” are profiting off of their violent lyrics and glorifying it. “People around the country are dancing. Dope. I’m thinking, ‘you all dancing on graves. People are dying,'” Said Grammy Award-winning rapper and Martin Luther King Jr. Visiting Professor at MIT Lupe Fiasco on drill musics popularity. This is not the music we should be blasting in our cars. We should be blasting music that puts us in a good mood and makes us want to accomplish something. Not music that talks about killing people, what mood is that gonna put you in? Definitely a mad one. If you couldn’t already tell by how I wrote this section I want us to LEAVE drill music in 2023. Let’s move away from hateful, violent songs, and move forward with love and happiness in 2024.

Gettin’ Sturdy

Getting sturdy! a very popular dance trend performed at gatherings, whether it be parties, sweet sixteens, or just chilling with your friends. The beloved hip-hop dance came from late rapper TDott Woo, who rapped a verse in Dior, a song by late rapper Pop Smoke that was released in 2020, TDott Woo is said to choreographed the dance move. Dior being the first anthem for these dance moves, in the song it contained lyrics saying “woo” and “sturdy”.

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Once TikTok got ahold of this dance trend it became insanely popular and no longer was associated with one song. “Gettin’ Sturdy” is keeping one foot up off the ground while shuffling on the other, it can get even more complex then that. A strong core is needed to stay balanced and to get “sturdy”. There are such things as SturdyOffs where you can pay for a class on how to get “sturdy”, have a dance off, get on a episode, and get signed to an agency. This is how popular this dance has become. I think we should take this trend into 2024 because dancing is a way of expressing oneself, and it’s really fun to do!


Remember our beloved AirPods. Tiny, reliable, easily misplaced. Three generations of AirPods now forgotten due to the uprising of AirPods Max. Basically headphones with the title of AirPods. These Giant DJ like headphones gained their fame throughtiktok. Where trends grow quickly and die just as fast. AirPods Max are very fashionable and could zhuzh up an outfit instantl

Photo Credit: ajay_suresh

y making it appear aesthetic, kinda in a more skater/edgy type of way.

You can get them in five colors: Space Grey, Pink, Green, Silver, and Sky Blue. They contain active noise cancelation, transparency mode, and personalized spatial audio with dynamic head tracking. To charge them you would need a lighting to USB-C cable, you can listen to up to 20 hours with a single charge. They’re not waterproof, you would think judging by the price they would at least be water proof. Sadly though if you do want these over the ear headphones they start at a Price of $549 or when estimated $600, man do we love inflation. Despite the price I think it would be a great idea to bring this trend into 2024. We’ll just have to wait for the price to drop for us to be able to get them. lol 🙁

Nike Tech

The Nike Tech pandemic gained popularity in 2021 and has run ramped in the fashion community among men since. Not only was it a jacket but it was a damn set. At first seeing the guys and some girls wear it I was ok I like it. But over time it got so overplayed,

Photo Credit: Ivan Dos Santos

if you’ll let me use that word, that I started feeling like, “Ok, what’s next.” They come in a multitude amount of colors and styles, some colors being: blue, white, brown, black, etc.

This male staple of fashion costs $149 just for the fleece. Which in my opinion isn’t even worth it because the Nike Tech pants cost $125. Let’s say you wanted to buy the set, you’re spending around $274, on a set… that’s just insane to me. Although it is uncommon now to see a Nike Tech there are still a few stragglers who I feel need to move on. I think we should leave this overpriced sweatsuit back in 2023 and move on to something more stylish and cheaper. Just because it says Nike doesn’t make it fashionable every time.

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Joseph Torres
Joseph Torres, Reporter
Joseph Torres is currently a junior at Colonia High School. Torres is a New Jersey native and a proud Puerto Rican. He loves spending his time socializing and being with his friends. He is also an aspiring model on the come up. Torres is naturally competitive and sees every task he has as a competition he must win. When he is older he has dreams of becoming a model to represent the LGBTQ Hispanic community. Torres is a genuine, confident, and kind person who is really easy to talk to. He enjoys writing, dancing, talking, and watching horror movies. He has a great fashion sense and gives amazing advice.

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