East Windsor’s Field of Terror Provides Entertainment for All Ages

Every year in East Windsor, New Jersey, K & S Farms holds its popular “Field of Terror” event. On a normal fall day, K & S farms looks innocent and beautiful. Free hayrides are offered on the homegrown pumpkin patch– one can pick pumpkins that are priced at $0.49 a pound. It is filled with families with small children, all with cheeky smiles ready to pick a pumpkin to take home and carve.

Yet at night, K & S farms fills with shrieks and screams of fear and terror. At 7 pm, when the sky darkens, the scary events begin. The “Field of Terror” is divided into four terrifying events: the “Killer Kornfield,” “Zombie Attack Haunted Hayride,” “Unknown Barn,” and “Dementia 3D Haunted House.” Each event varies and has a different scary element. Each event is $15, or  $25 for two events. Moreover, K & S Farms also caters to a younger group. If a child is too scared to take a walk through any of the four scary attractions, or if a child is too young to go through, there are three “non-scary” family oriented attractions available. They include: the “Family Flashlight Maze,” “Night Pumpkin Picking,” and “Safe Zone” play area. Also, aside from the seven total attractions that Field of Terror hosts, there are many side events for people to participate in, including a DJ, dancing, food, a bonfire, and fireworks.

On October 12th, I went to K & S farms with three of my friends to see what “Field of Terror” had to offer. When we arrived, the nighttime attractions were not open yet because it was around 4:30 pm. With a few hours to kill, we decided to take the hayride to the pumpkin patch. After a half hour of pumpkin picking and enjoying a free hayride, it was time to go back and buy the pumpkins we bought. To our surprise, the pumpkins were very cheap. Each of us had one medium sized pumpkin and one small white pumpkin, and our total was $10.50 altogether. Because the farm closes down for an hour to get the nighttime attractions up, we drove a few miles up the road and grabbed some dinner to kill the time. We made our way back to the farm around 6:30 pm to purchase our tickets for the attraction.

Finally, at seven o’clock, it was time for everyone to line up for the attractions. Although we waited in a pretty lengthy line for about half an hour, the Killer Kornfield was most definitely worth the wait. Before entering, an attendant stands in front of the line and states the rules and regulations for the attraction. As you walk through the cornfield, at every winding turn and obstacle, you will be scared. There are definitely a lot of fun aspects of the cornfield. There are busses and boats that are set in there as obstacles to get around, with many familiar scary faces that you are pleasurable to see.

We didn’t get to experience the other three scary attractions, so we asked the workers and people who have attended the event every year about them. They said that the other three attractions were equally as scary as the cornfield. I do recommend that you take the two attractions for $25.00 so you can get the full experience of the farm. You will end up there for a few hours, so it will not be a waste of money. It is definitely worth the cost and is a fun fall or Halloween activity that you can do with a group of friends or your family. The farm is family run and also has a lot of locals working the attractions. Behind the masks of some of the scary people in costumes were faces of local high school students who do this every year. It is a lovely environment despite the fact that you are getting screamed at and scared every time you turn your back. Like Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure, you are able to take pictures with the characters. When my friends and I asked for numerous scary characters to pose with us and take a picture, they were more than happy to pose with us in a scary way.

If you are interested in seeing this attraction, you should go with a group of friends. It is a good idea for a fun Friday night, or for a daytime weekend activity if you are interested in pumpkin picking and  a hayride. When my friends and I arrived back at home, they all said that they would be more than happy to go back and try more attractions, even the Killer Kornfield one more time.